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A config file for favmenumodders Categorized Favorites Menu for SkyRe users.

Permissions and credits
This is a config file for favmenumodder's Categorized Favorites Menu for an all-round sort of player. You'll need to install that mod first if you haven't already.
You'll also need to be using T3nd0's Skyrim Redone for all the renaming it does. If you don't use the races module a few racial powers may be missing but I can add them back in if requested.

Some popular mods I use and have added support for (if any was needed):
Immersive Armors (up to v7.1) by Hothtrooper44.
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim (up to v5.10 i think) by Enai Siaion.
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches (up to v1.2) by Dragten (& Dawnguard version (up to v1.0)).
Lore Weapon Expansion (up to v1.3) by InsanitySorrow and Elvarheim.
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival (up to v2.5) by Chesko.
Cloaks of Skyrim (up to v1.2) by Noodles.
Winter Is Coming – Cloaks (up to v2.3) by Nivea.
Convenient Horses (up to v5.0) by Alek.
Extensible Follower Framework (up to v3.5.6) by Expired.
All weapons by MAIBATSU up to and including The Gaddhjalt.
All weapons by Corvalho up to including Valiant Nord Bow.
All weapons by Elvarheim up to and including the Cyrodilic Steel Dagger.
Wulfharths Dragonbone Weapons (up to v4.0) by Ashking Wulfharth.
Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack (up to v1.1) by Ghosu.
Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver (up to v1.1.1) by istoleyourface.

Let me know if you find anything incorrectly sorted and i'll fix it.

Use a mod manager or download manually and overwrite your existing favouritesmenu.cfg if you have one. It's located in your Skyrim folder > Data > Interface. (Maybe make a copy if you're overwriting so you can just copy it back over if you don't like mine.

Although keyword-wise I rebuilt this config from scratch, I used Okal's Categorized Favorites Menu Config as a base to work from so credit to him for that. He said he isn't playing the game anymore so anyone can do whatever they like with his file.

I also give permission for anyone to release different versions of this config file. e.g. with support for Jaysus Swords or whatever. You don't need to ask me. Just consider that the more 'wordy' these files become the more chance you'll get some lag when exiting the menu.

If you don't know how to do it, take a look at the file itself and you'll see it's just based on keywords. Therefore it's simple to add in keywords to support whatever mods you're using.

As an example... if you download a 2-handed sword called 'The Tremendor' you just need to write 'Tremendor' in the 2-handed section.
If it was called 'The Tremendor Sword' it would appear in the 1-handed due to the keyword 'Sword'. To overcome this you'd also need to add 'Tremendor' to the 1-hand excludes.

Change log:
- Added a couple of keywords to include hood and glove variants I missed.
- Added support for some more weapons (listed above).
- Removed support for animated dragon wings for performance reasons and also one or two keywords that weren't needed.
- Switched from Amazing Follower Tweaks to Extensive Follower Framework.

Bethesda, everyone already mentioned in the description, Okal for the base.