Mila - Mjoll's sister (Marrigeable) by TweakTeam
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Last updated at 22:01, 24 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 22:23, 24 Jul 2014

So TweakTeam got a request to upgrade Mjoll...
Thaaaat went not so well, so we made a new NPC.
Her sister, Mila. Includes vanilla hair option.

She, like her sister, is a strong nord woman, although not very brave.
She is skilled in 1-handed, 2-handed, and archery
She will use the best armor you give her, as usual.
She has a steel greatsword and draugr armor by default.

Tower of Strength
Champions stance
Deep wounds (1)
Skullcrusher (1)
Limbsplitter (1)
Armsman (3)
OverDraw (3)
TwoHanded is a little higher than other skills for her

She should be marrigeable, and
has a relationship status of
lover towards the player.

ApachiiSkyHair for the main version
You also need Realistic teeth, according to the creator of this mod. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Legit Skyrim (TweakTeam does NOT endorse piratism, just as the nexus!)

XBitu for doing all the work
Apachii for SkyHair
Bethesda for Skyrim and CK
You for checking this mod out
Me for uploading and being a B055

Go nuts! Remember to credit the same persons we credited!

#TweakTeam takes requests for: Small tweaks! Big tweaks!
NPCs! And **drumroll** IT'S 100% FREE

A side note: XBitu will be gone for this weekend, workpace is a little slower as a result.