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Added: 24/07/2014 - 06:44PM
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Hated how pathetic Familiar became and was playing as a healer shaman type class so atronachs and undead did not fit the play style for me. So I made Summon Familiar level scale with the player from level 2 up to level 25. I really liked the improvement but felt jilted still so I went a step further and added a unique familiar thrall "Aodhfionn". Aodhfionn scales from 15 to 50. Requires Conjuration ritual and purchase from Phinis Gestor. Aodhfionn has the added effect of Candlelight. I will make a none candlelight version if people request it and try to fill other request to the best of my ability.

DG Better Familiars should be compatible with anything that doesn't mess with summon familiar spell.

Bugs -
ENB's with lens effects causes a gnarly glare around Aodhfionn.