Death's Head - Skull Mask by steelfeathers
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Death's Head - Skull Mask
Descend into darkness....

This mod adds a stand-alone skull mask to the game. The mask can be worn by both males and females, whether Mer, Human, or Khajiit (not for Argonians, sorry), and counts as light armor with a small armor rating. **Unarmored version can now be crafted at the forge.

How to obtain:
The mask can be crafted at a forge with a human skull and some leather strips under the "leather" section. Necromancers you encounter in dungeons will also sometimes be wearing the mask, so you can loot it from their corpses. :3

-Light Armor
-Base 6 armor rating
-*Unarmored version also available, for mages who want the Mage Armor boost


Compatibility notes:
-If you have a mod that dramatically alters the vanilla head model (ie, your character has spikes protruding from their face), you'll probably get some clipping.
-This mod will conflict with any mods that alters the necromancer outfit list. (Note: I don't mean the robe/hood mesh or texture, but the actual list in creation kit that lists out what necromancers should wear. You probably WON'T have a conflict, because not many mods edit the necromancer outfit list.)

How to install:
1) Click the green NMM button, or "Manual Download"
2) Install with NMM, or drag-and-drop everything in the zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder
3) ????
4) Profit!