Skyrim XPadder Duelshock 4 Controller Config by DarkWolfModding
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Added: 22/07/2014 - 07:10AM
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So I was browsing the nexus and I saw a Duelshock 3 Xpadder mod but I use a Duelshock 4 with my windows 8 machine. And I know Its only 1 button Extra on the Duelshock 4 (The touch Pad) than the Duelshock 3 but I utilized every button on the controller. I first went to Xpadders website to see if a Duelshock 4 Controller has been made for the program and there wasn't so this is all made by me even the controller image. The keymappings are exactly the same as skyrim on PS3 besides the PSButton and TouchPad Button.

PS: You are gonna need to turn up your look sensitivity in game up. I find if you put it about halfway it works fine.

XPadder Profile with keymaps

Key Map Chart (Default Skyrim Controls)

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