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Doesn't show any model for the light leather helmet, when worn!

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I'm sorry but this mod is officialy abandoned because i do not have the time to keep my work up.
You still can download and use it, but there will be no further updates!

I refer to another "No Helmet Mod" which apparently also works with the Expansion Dawnguard!
The Mod by Jubeldibub can be found here:

Thank you for all your support and endorsements and have a good time gaming!

-- vurax

I did not test all items yet. So please respond if you found any bugs!

RUSSIAN TRANSLATION is done. Thanks to Haridas who translated my mod into russian. The mod can be found here: Russian Translation.

Information: In order to speed up the patch for your requested item, you can always search for the item id (hex value). This increases the time i will add your desired helmet enormously! Thanks!

(Note: Item ids can be found here:

Thanks do daeger for major testing and suggestions!

Changelog (v1.5):
- Added Falmer Helmet
- Added Helm of Yngol
- Added Krosis Mask
- Added Elven Helmet (light)
- Added several Dragonpriest Masks (not sure if working correctly)
- Provided one .esp File for multiple helmets
- Provided one .esp File for all masks

Note: The beta versions of several masks show cryptic letters in their enchantment description.
This problem could not be fixed right away. But i tested them and the enchantment effect should be active.
Use at own risk! I will try to fix this problem, but this is quite difficult.
I also will make one larger esp file containint every mask.


Important Note:
This mod hides the helmet for a given type for every NPC and the player himself!
So do not use this mod if you want only your own helmet to hide!

I recently created a new character wearing only light armour. Looking in the perk tree of light armour i saw you a complete set of light armour to get bonuses. But in my opinion no helmet does look like a big Nord can wear it. So i came up with this "No Helmet Mod" (since there is no one out yet).

This mod doesn't show the Leather Helmet (ugliest one :P) when worn.
If you wish i can also replace other helmets (heavy armour, too). Just respond in comments!

No Helmet mod - by vurax

- v 1.5

Important Note:
This mod hides the helmet for a given type for every NPC and the player himself!
So do not use this mod if you want only your own helmet to hide!

Doesn't show helmets when worn.
If it doesn't work for you (or your the helmet you wear is not published) just write a quick comment!
I can not assure you that this mod will work (especially the compatibility with other mods)!
Use at your own risk!

- Armour types included
. Leather
. Iron
. Dwarven
. Daedric
. Elven
. Steel (Plate)
. Steel
. Steel (horned)
. Nightingale
. Orcish
. Glass
. Ebony
. Hide
. Forsworn
. Dragonscale
. Dragonplate
. Thieves Guild
. Blades
. Scaled
. Novice/Apprentice/Adept Hood
. Morokei Mask
. Otar Mask (beta)
. Rahgot Mask
. Volsung Mask (beta)
. Nahkriin Mask (beta)
. Krosis Mask (beta)
. Falmer
. Helm of Yngol
. Elven (light)

Be aware that in the beta masks the enchantment description is not shown. However the enchantment
effect ist still available! I hope i can fix this.

More to come :)

- Requesting

If you're desired armour type is not provided, feel free to write a comment on the Skyrim nexus page.
Please provide an item id for faster application!

- Installation

Just copy the esp Files (only those helmet types you wish to hide) in your ..steamappscommonskyrimData Folder.
When you start Skyrim in your configuration window press "Data Files" and activate this mod.
Should now work fine.

If "Data Files" is greyed out just add in your SkyrimPrefs.ini:


- Deinstallation

Delete the esp Files from your ..steamappscommonskyrimData Folder
or deactivate these mods in the "Data Files" menu.

- Changelog

1.5.0 - Added 4 more helmets and provided multiple helmet file, masks in beta phase
1.4.1 - Bugfix
1.4.0 - Added 10 new helmet types, fixed thieves guild helmet
1.3.0 - Added new helmet types
1.2.1 - Fixed Bugs, added two more helmets
1.2.0 - Improved zip File (thanks to daeger :D), added more armour types
1.1.0 - Added several files for specific helmets and one for multiple
1.0.0 - No helmet mod for leather helmet

- Credits

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim
Thanks to the developers of TESsnip
Thanks to daeger for excessive testing
Thanks to the nexus community for support
'Thanks to Haridas for russian translation

Have fun playing!

-- vurax