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Enchanting Awakened - unlimited by Xelan255
Skyrim » Magic - Spells & Enchantments
Added: 19/07/2014 - 02:33PM
Updated: 19/07/2014 - 02:11PM

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Uploaded by Xelan255


Last updated at 14:11, 19 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 14:33, 19 Jul 2014

Since I mainly play just my first character in Skyrim, but like to change my fighting style now and then (like every 30 minutes) I felt too limited with just two enchants per item (don't want to run around with a archer, melee and mage gear, same goes for alchemy, speechcraft etc.).
There are a few mods doing something similiar, but only for the vanilla enchanting system, but I prefer Enchanting Awakened, which makes enchanting way more fun in every way. So I've made this mod, first for myself, now for all of you, since egocarib gave me permission to do so.
The skilltrees should be somewhat balanced, despite the missing factor of the number of enchants. If I messed that up somewhere, feel free to leave a comment, so I can look into it.

What it does:
- extends the last perks of each enchantment tree to a 5-point perk
- Each perk allows more enchantments per item
- since the Corpus tree worked with one stronger enchantment I designed the 5th rank of the other two to empower their enchantments as well
- Specialisations remain important, because the empowerments just work for the enchantments of that specific skilltree

Enchanting Awakened

Download with NMM, activate, win.
Place the "EnchantingAwakened unlimited.esp" in your Skyrim\Data folder and activate it in your Manager/Launcher

In any case make sure to load this after Enchanting Awakened.

Just remove/deactivate "EnchantingAwakened unlimited.esp"

There should be no conflicts, since it's the only Enchanting Awakened mod to date.
I'm not aware of any bugs related to this little mod.

If anyone wants to mod my mod of a mod, feel free to message me. You may not alter my mod without my permission.

egocarib, for making enchantment awesome with his mod
Bethesda, cause.. well.. making Skyrim in the open minded way they did