EyeCandy Sexy Warrior Outfit by Exnem and an unknown Russian
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I didn't make this. Exnem made it for Oblivion and some Russian moved it over to Skyrim.

You can only have one of the files active at a time, as they use the same .esp

To people who download manually: The files that are in the Russian folders are the optional files for the Chainmail/Skimpy version. Just copy and paste them into the corresponding folders that are under the first Data folder you see. If my instructions make no sense to you the check out this link and follow the directions in the comment
If you still can't figure it out I suggest you just use NMM and pick one.

To the Nexus moderator people: If I have done anything wrong at all by uploading this file or haven't given proper credit, please contact me and ask me to remove this before you ban me. I will gladly take it down or do whatever I have to do.

There is clipping on all body types, but only if you don't have the cuirass equipped. I think the clipping is gone if you equip any cuirass.
There is no particular body for it. It wasn't made for Skyrim. It's for Oblivion, so it uses the Oblivion bodies. It looks fine with all bodies because it does. If you don't like it, then don't wear it. THERE IS NO PARTICULAR BODY FOR THIS ARMOR.

Craftable under the Ebony stuff (you need level 80 smithing and the ebony perk, silly goose)

To get the mask, go to link and follow quest directions for Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament by AmethystDeceiver

This is the first time I've uploaded anything on here. So constructive criticism is encouraged.