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Added: 18/07/2014 - 02:42PM
Updated: 26/08/2014 - 11:11PM

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Last updated at 23:11, 26 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 14:42, 18 Jul 2014

This mod is very much a Work In Progress.

The aim of this mod is to overhaul breti's work and bring Rochester to life by fleshing out the existing content with clutter, buildings, revised functions, interiors, dialogue, quests, AI and over all bring a sense of real life to a great mod that currently feels a little bare-bones.


WIP Progress (26/8/14):

This is a comprehensive list of everything that you will find in the newest version of the file.

- Rochester Castle bailey is now fully navmeshed. The walls can be walked by guards on patrol.
- All bailey buildings now have interior cells. New additions are; Castle Forebuilding (featuring entrance hall, state room where the Baron and his stewards receive requests from the townspeople, and where townspeople come to pay their taxes, and door to chapel); Castle Chapel (located above the state room); Feasting Hall; Servants' Quarters for Feasting Hall.
- Minor tweaks to blacksmith and kitchen interiors.
- Finished Town Guard Recruitment interior. This will be the starting point for a planned "Join the Guard" questline.
- Navmesh tweaks near Town Guard Barracks.
- Navmeshed round tower near Town Barracks. The guard posted on top also has an altered package so that he descends the stairs and sleeps in the barracks.
- Got rid of the old wooden stockades and replaced them with stone steps, which are easier for AI and the player to navigate and also look a lot more accurate to the real Rochester castle.
- Castle Barracks guards now at full complement of 6. They will go out each day and patrol their roof or wall. Two guards actually swap their wall halfway through the day for added variety. Another spends half his day in the gatehouse and the afternoon walking the walls.
- Begun to replace "CredoTemplar" guards with ones in the Town Guard attire, so that fully fledged knights of the realm aren't simply guarding a gate. This will make knights and their armour more of a force to be reckoned with and awed at.
- Fixed Gertrude's (the castle cook) merchant package so that she will now sell ingredients and food to the player.
- New NPCs! New additions are; Thomas, a young but spirited stable boy; Matilda Fairvoice, a bard who plays in the Feasting Hall (need to add sleep and eat package in future, once I find her a place to use as a home); Stephen the Simple, a Court Jester who dances and says somewhat sinister asides in the Feasting Hall; Harold, a rather aloof servant who sweeps both levels of the Feasting Hall; Shepherd Book, a kindly priest who spends his day and night paying in the Castle Chapel (sleeps and eat packages TBA); Steward, a... well, steward, who occupies the lower level of the Castle Forebuilding and receives the Baron's guests; Sir Adama, a One-Handed trainer who works out in the Town Guard Recruitment building and sleeps in the Town Barracks, and Town Guard Recruitment Officer, who lives in the building and receives new recruits during the day.


This was quite a large update, on top of me getting into my university and then having a mountain of paperwork to complete and a ton of things to organise before I go in September. But rest assured, this mod is here to stay, and will be frequently updated :)

As always, if you are interested in offering any help or expertise, I would greatly appreciate it, even if it's just ideas for future updates! Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a PM, I love reading your thoughts! :)


Plans for 0.06:

- Full eat/work/sleep packages for all NPCs added in this overhaul.
- More castle interior cells.
- Begin work on Player Home next to the tavern in the town.
- More guard patrols.