Mathews Cursed-Soul a Wood Elf all Daedra Quests complete al by Mateus Rocha
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Third of my save game files, this one consistes in a daedra artefact hunter, wood elf, in the save you currently have azura star mehunes razor, dawnbraker, voolunrug,rueful axe, ebony blade, ebony mail, savior hide, ring of hircine, ring of namira spellbraker wabbajack , skull of corruption, sanguine rose, and the oghma infinum.

*NOTE, none of the artefacts were obtained by cheats, the only reason i own both ring of hircine and savior hide is because of a bug, and if you care that much, search on youtube.

SKILLS (LVL 59) currently best fighter i've posted

Destruction 83
Enchanting 100
Sminting 100
Heavy Armor 100
Two Handed 100
One Handed 100
Light Armor 92
Pickpocket 72
Alchemy 100

(the rest are quite basic)

I also recommend that you download any house expander or another house mod, cause you know, flashy weapons like those need a good show case.

The only quest i've completed beside the daedra's one is the exentials dragon rising, witch is a requirement for the whipering lady quest.

Thats it people, hope you like, endorse, thanks ;D