Hearthfire- Lakeview Manor adjusted by Talaricoan
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Added: 17/07/2014 - 01:01AM
Updated: 19/07/2014 - 07:44AM

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Updates at the bottom

What this does
This removes the tree to the right of the Lakeview Manor, and replaces it with some other plants, and a stump to make it look like it was cut down. It also adds a bit on the left side of the doorway.

I replaced the necromancer alter with something a little more warming. There is a dock and a boat on the lake, and I edited the plants surrounding it slightly.

There is a tree in front of the workbench I placed, because I don't honestly remember if one was there or not, and it felt pretty empty.

I tested it out and you can just install via the nmm or manually. I don't know how to make it really ready for the nmm like a lot of mods, so if anyone knows that would be greatly appreciated.

Well, you could try running this without Hearthfire, but I don't think you would get very far.
If there is a mod that edits the same things as I did, then it wouldn't work together; probably.

If there are any problems with the mod itself though, let me know! This is my first time so there are bound to be some issues. Therefore,please be sure to make a backup just in case

1.2 - Added a cellar door so one can access their basement from the outside more quickly.
On the main file, the horn on the barrel behind the ladder is moved, because I was trying to move all the objects around the ladder, but after loading in they would revert back to their original place, save for that.
1.2 - The objects on the shelf behind the ladder are marked so they won't respawn. I thought about deleting the hook, might do it later.
1.1 - I took out the bat file and the items chest. One for more testing and things I want to add, as well as I want to put it as it's own file. I have plans for a house is still in the old version if you want it though.
1.1 - moved tree near the crafting bench.