The Siegebreaker Greatsword by Nym182
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Added: 16/07/2014 - 09:43AM
Updated: 18/07/2014 - 06:55PM

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Recomend using with this mod for really awesome reflections:

- HD Better Reflections For Armor and Weapons by wafiks
- Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder

Armor Mods used:

- Tera Armors UNP version:
- Tera Armors CBBE version:
- Warglaives and Silverlight Armor 099 CBBE:

Warning - This is not a lorefriendly weapon as you probably already noticed :)

First of all thank you for all the support and especially your patience. So without any more dalays I proudly give you:

Version 2.0
-Added 1H Version for those who dislike 2handed weapons
-reworked the model into 3 pieces of bronze ebony and quicksilver materials
-made a single texture file with corresponding normal and specular mask
-performance should increase considerably
-any measure of lag that you might see while switching between weapons can be completely eliminated by using the 1024k texture I'll upload later this evening - DONE
- there are still minor changes/tweaks I want to make to the texture but that should not take very long. - DONE
- Dagger and 1H version of the weapon should be ready in the next few days.
- I'm still not happy about the blood edge fx but I'm looking into it and will find a way to make it look more awesome.

The sword can only be crafted in Whiterun at the Skyforge (Daedric Craft) using a couple of rare materials.
For those who don't want to craft it just console it: " help siegebreaker 4 " and get the code for it.

Installation is easy. Just paste into the game's Data directory and have fun!

Delete Windows folder!


Remove the files you copied from the archive into the data folder and you should be ok.