Legendary Main Quest Expansion by TrulyOriginalArtCom
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Everything starts to change as soon as you enter the Helgen Dungeon. Gentle changes at first, but ALWAYS a Suprise! SAVE OFTEN! Each dungeon in the Main Quest has been modified, as well as some of the Exteriors near said dungeons. Exteriors are mostly Eye Candy Upgrades. :-)
I took a lot of LOVE and went through the Skyrim Main Quest to make it truly Legendary! I tried to make some very BEAUTIFUL TREASURE CACHES, added MANY tricky traps, MANY well placed bad guys, Changed a lot of the Main Quest Lighting, added many plants and Some SERIOUS Eye Candy. The farther you go through the Main Quest, the more intense the changes become. Did not mod any Dragons Except for Alduin. Main MOD Goal: Upgraded Difficulty, Scenery, and TREASURE! Riverwood trader has more gold now also. ALL other modifications done are on the Main Quest Only so it should not bother mods , UNLESS they have modded the Main Quest, Objects, NPC's, ect.... Few pictures because what STEAM provided when I took Screenshots was really tiny for some reason. Hence only two. SORRY ALL! I Would LOVE it if someone took some screens of their favorite spots and added them! Love the Community! Thanks all for the wonderful comments on my Morrowind and Oblivion MODS! ENJOY!