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Last updated at 18:26, 3 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 4:32, 16 Jul 2014

This is my very first mod and yeap. I know it's crap right now due to my lack of skill in 3D modelling.
But hey, updates are coming.

To begin with, Hwando is a one of the traditional swords in Korea. While they look quite similar to Katana, there are differences too. Early models of Hwando do not have anything to do with Katana (but later ones are heavily influenced by Katana) which I used as the model for this mod.

Why did I make this? Simple. I've seen plenty of European Long sword and Katana but I have only seen one mod that has to do with Korea. I wanted to use Korean sword so why not just make one by myself? There are more stories behind this sword but read ReadMe for more details.

===== Known Bug =====

- None at the moment (One before turned out to be blood texture)

===== How to obtain the sword =====

I remember setting the sword craftable in Daedric section but this has not been confirmed since my character is in Elsweyr, doing a quest.

If crafting doesn't work please notify me.
Since this sword is ridiculously strong, it takes a lot of materials to craft.

Materials are the following:

- Leather strips X 1
- Daedra heart X 3
- Moonstone Ingot X 17
- Ebony Ingot X 20

Should crafting doesn't work, open ingame console by pressing ` (under ESC) and type help nardia.
It should say one options with WEAP setting like this.

WEAP: (56000D63) 'Nardia's Hwando'

*Note that the item code (65000D63) can be different.

Type: player.additem itemNUMBER 1 where 1 is the amount of the sword you wish to obtain.

* ItemNumber excludes brackets. So in my case, type,

player.additem 65000D63 1

This means player wants to add one item with code of 65000D63.

===== Textures =====

Texture 1 looks like the picture in the link.

Just download and replace textures that came with the main sword file.

For further information, please refer to ReadMe - EN if you are an English speaker.
For Korean Speakers, refer to ReadMe - KR

With Version numbers, large change will change its number by 1 but if it's a minor patch, it will change its number by decimals.

Do NOT use or distort any of this mod without my permission.
If you want to include Nardia's Hwando within your mod, please obtain my permission first.

===== Update Log =====

Black Steel Original

ONHV1 - Original Version
ONHV1.1 - Fixed two handed issue (Used two hands when only one sword is equipped)


NHVV2.6 - Original redesigned version
NHV 2.7 - Fixed two handed issue (used two hands when only one sword is equipped)

Special thanks to...

- LeckerHamster's great tutorial on Youtube.
- The SHOCKER @ Nexus Forum
- Matth85 @ Nexus Forum

Thank you guys :)