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Lynae's Refuge
ObliSan Team mod

Wandering Ghost, after being defeated in the Cottage of the Moons,
receives a visit from his beloved Lynae and together they embark on the road to their new home, "Lynae's Refuge",
where he lived with the hope of returning to meet his beloved,
and with the hope of seeing its authentic home, The Cottage of Moons,
where many dreams were recorded, and in which the Moons witnessed his mime and illusions.

A refuge modest, but very complete, where the spirit of Lynae, he waited his beloved, Wandering.

-This is the second part of the small history of Lynae.
The first begins at The Cottage of the Moons
Recommended first play, but not necessary.



Recommended mod:

-URWL Skyrim
Gives color to Skyrim, if not using ENB

Where is it found?

-The Dragon Bridge, just before crossing to enter the village.


-With NMM, or copy and paste files in the Data folder of the Skyrim installation.


- A Bethesda for making Skyrim.
- A Nexus for giving me the opportunity to publish it.
- To you for your downloads and encouragement to continue creating.
- And my team, small group, ObliSan Team, which unites the same illusion, make this bigger.

-My attention and appreciation to Sanchez (Ilpinfas) for their help, advice,
tutorials, explanations and your time.
-Thanks to malakh22 for translating the book into English.

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