Deepcrest - A reduced bullcrap player home by Insederec Fox
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Deepcrest is a Dwemer-themed home with a focus on displaying all of Skyrim's weapons and armor and storing as much of the Dragonborn's adventuring gear that's accumulated as possible. It is located on the path to Riverwood from Helgen (great for new characters to get a head start on organization). Its creation came about from the prevelance of player homes in the Workshop having as much crap filling them as the vanilla homes and farmhouses.

Deepcrest, instead of piles of cheese wheels and mead and a few chests, has:
-51 mannequins, 48 named by armor sets, placed according to armor rating, and separated according to whether they are DLC
-109 weapon racks
-88 weapon plaques
-16 shield plaques
-36 storage chests
-dragon priest mask busts (DO NOT enhance the masks, placing them will delete them)
-dragon claw stands
-designated chests and utilities for smelting, smithing, cooking, enchanting, and creating potions.

Also available on the Steam Workshop!

Add wooden mask bust
Add more mannequins, scrap the idea to separate DLC and remove mannequin names
Make the workshop a smaller room for ease of use
Add display cases
Fix the stupid bug which makes all the chandeliers not cast light properly (might just be me)
EVENTUALLY redesign to be upgradeable so it scales with the player (maybe)

Possible incompatibilities:
-Any mod that uses the area of the entrance, obviously
-A new game IS NOT required, but is recommended for the best use of the space
-This mod DOES NOT require buying Dawnguard or Dragonborn, nor will anything I ever make. Spending $20-40 to be able to use a mod is just a ridiculous idea.

Please do tell me if you find any issues or if you have any suggestions for changes. I will consider them all.