Immersive ancient heroes by aakkbb1
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I'm sorry I do not speak English (Google Translator :( )

Refer to the video

If I understand your mod correctly, instead of summoning Gormlaith Golden-Hilt using the first word of the Call of Valor shout, summoning Felldir the Old using the first two words of the Call of Valor shout, and summoning Hakon One-Eye using using all three words of the Call of Valor shout, with your mod, once per day, you can summon all three ancient Nord heroes at once.

I assume that their stats have not changed from the vanilla game.

For those who might see this mod and have not played through the main quest, I'm not sure if adding some background or lore on the importance and relevance of these three heroes would be considered a spoiler. How you acquire the shout would definitely be a spoiler. Below is a brief spoiler-free description of this mod as I understand the mod to work:

Within the vanilla game, as a player character, you will eventually be able to use a shout to summon each of these NPCs. However, you are only able to summon them in progression as you learn each new word of the Call of Valor shout. My understanding is that this mod will allow you to summon all three of these Nord heroes at once.

In my opinion, this is a great idea. You will not be able to use this shout until the conclusion of the main quest.

Thanks Mayhem King :)