Boots Of Impulse by Lagarst
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Added: 15/07/2014 - 02:35PM
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Last updated at 14:35, 15 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 14:35, 15 Jul 2014

With these amazing boots you will able to run so fast the whole world will be moving in slow motion, yes! SLOW MOTION!

No need for pictures
Please Check Out The Video!

I relate this to a cheat item because it is kinda OP (over powered) Since you can run away from pretty much anything really fast without them being able to catch you at all. You can't really fight
with the boots on, or you can but its just awkward and weird and you might as well just toggle god mode.

What i really want to create is where the player doesn't get affected by the slow time at all which i don't know how to do yet, if you know how please write a comment and share :)

Its a simple mod. I would have made it so the NPC's moved even slower, but due to the camera being affected by the slow time to, i just couldn't do that. so if you have are fix or can tell how to fix it please let me know in the post section thank you.