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Adds a hollow tree stump full of unique items behind Thirsk mead hall on Solstheim, like the one from the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind.
In the stump are as follows:
Ancient Bloodstained Note
Ebony Arrow of Slaying (5 of these overpowered arrows just like in Morrowind) - Does 5000 damage plus the 135 base.
Shadowsting - does 5 points of poison damage for 20 seconds and makes the target invisible for 20 seconds.
Treachery and Deceit - Increases lockpicking and sneaking by 20 each.
Ring of Raven Eye - Fortify marksman 20 and Night Eye.

The stats are as close to their Morrowind counterparts as I could get. Believe me, I tried for hours and hours to make a Chameleon on contact enchant but it did not work.

IMPORTANT: The arrows need to be fired at the feet of large enemies in order to work. Same goes for netches, aim at where they hover. And if enemies are in a group one arrow will kill them all since I had to add an explosion to get them to work.

Dragonborn DLC Obviously.

Also Available on Steam:


ghosu for the meshes and textures used for Ring of Raven Eye

747823 for the meshes and textures used for Shadowsting

DARKF0X127 for the helpful tutorial on enchanted arrows.