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A standalone follower that uses both spells, a bow and arrow as well as one handed swords. She mixes her skills to kill whoever is in her path. She prefers to use Heavy armor, but also knows skills in sneak. When Dajia is low on health she will heal herself. She can be found in the Winking Skeever, drinking to her hearts content, waiting for her next adventure. Read her backstory here.


For the Standalone version:
-Skyrim Version or higher.

For the Ningheim version (old):
-Skyrim Version or higher.
-The Ningheim Race and its requirements: SKSE, RaceCompatibility, Ningheim Brow Package (although it works fine without SKSE)

ECE Preset now available for Dajia


Download and install with NMM or manually download and unpack the file and then move the “data” folder to your Skyrim data folder.
This mod is not made for a torrented game, and If you have any problems using it with a torrent game, I will not provide support.


Uninstall with NMM or manually delete all the files that came in the “data” folder listed in the mod.


She has a standalone hair, and it can be used on you character as well (Female only, standalone only). She is marriageable. She will level alongside the player. She comes with Steel Plate Armor, but can be swapped for another type. Other body types maybe added. Custom voice acting maybe added in the future.

Additional notes for the Ningheim version (old):
She will use whichever body type chosen when installing the Ningheim version. 

Mods used in Screenshots

The Enb used in the screenshots is Somber enb.
The textures for the Steel Plate Armor are aMidianBorn Book of Silence

My Other Mods


To Seren4XX HelloSanta Urshi and co for The Ningheim Race
To TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility
To HelloSanta for the conversions of the hair meshes and textures from the SG hair pack and to RaonJena Sims.
To Seren4xx for the eye assets from the Ningheim race
To Dimon99 for the UNP body
To Caliente for the CBBE body
To Tairensoul for the Ningheim warpaint
To HelloSanta for the facial assets from the SG Female Textures
To lthot for the eyebrow assets from Brows
To Darknite50 for the help with making Dajia Standalone
Testers: myskyrimislaggin, Ranger641, DatOtherJew, Asscadrias
Last 3 Screenshots from Ranger641
Moral Support From: Nouxo and CrazyJae244 :3

Dajia's Backstory 
click on the title to view the story with visuals.

Dajia grew up in High Rock, or more specifically Daggerfall, with her parents and two brothers. Her family, having Nordic descent, were shunned for most of their lives. They were not really accepted with the local Bretons. At the age of 12, she saw a feud between her parents and few locals, it was a common event. Dajia and her younger brother, Alan, stayed back, but as they did the opposing Bretons drew their spells and weapons, leaving no time for her parents to fight back. Dajia's Mother and Father were both slaughter in front of her eyes. Her older brother, being strong and brave, stood up to them and gave them a fight, but he was outnumbered and sadly parished from a flame spell. Since that event Dajia and her brother have been on the run, and lived as nomads.

A few years have passed and Brother and Sister now taking refuge in Rihad, Hammerfell. With a hunger for vengeance they wished to the learn fighting skills of a true warrior. After a year in Hammerfell, Dajia told her brother, that she seeks to join the Dark Brotherhood to bring revenge upon those who killed her family members. At first he was skeptical but went along with the plan. They then traveled to the Imperial City.After a year or so of vigorous training in the art of killing, both attempted to join, but only Dajia was accepted by the leader. Being disappointed and not wanting to be separated her brother took a different turn. He ended up joining the Imperial Army at the age of now 18. After a year, Dajia now 21, and her brother 19. She researched endlessly of who had killed her parents and older brother. Still no solid leads, she planed to travel back to the place she once called home.

While in the town of Chorrol, she over hears a rumor about Guards of the Imperial City being sent to Solitude, Skyrim. She kept on her journey to High Rock, not having a clue her brother was one of the guards. After a month or so of traveling she receives a letter in Dragonstar, Hammerfell. It was her brother, telling Dajia, that he is in Solitude serving under General Tullius to protect the King Torygg. She writes back, telling him she needs to take care some “business” in High Rock before she ventures to meet him.A few days later, Dajia is in Evermor, HighRock, and hears that the King Torygg was killed by Ulfric Stormcloak, not taking much regard to it, she continues on her journey. Then it clicks, her brother was guarding the king. Worried and scared, she detours her mission to head to Solitude.

Dajia reaches Solitude, searching for any information, she speaks with the General. He says that a few guards were killed during the fight. She becomes even more worried. Then she hears the dreadful words she never wanted to hear, “Alan, your brother, was killed.” From that point on, she has had no problem with killing anything in her way, she will commit any crime to get what she needs. Using both spells, a bow and as well as one handed swords. She mixes her skills to kill who is in her path. While young and growing up in High Rock she learned a few spells in conjuration and destruction. Through taught in light armor by the Dark Brotherhood, she prefers to use Heavy armor, taught to her while taking refuge in Hammerfell. She can be found still in the Winking Skeever, drinking to her hearts content, waiting for her next adventure.