Recruitable Valerica - Wrath of a Mother by Sagittarius22
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Recruitable Valerica - Wrath of a Mother

"She, along with Harkon and Serana, were once devout followers of Molag Bal. Tradition of their cult dictated that the females be offered to Molag Bal on his summoning day. Being selected as an offering was considered to be an honor that was not rejected lightly. Few survived the ordeal and those who did emerged as pure-blooded vampires. Such confluences were known as the "Daughters of Coldharbour". As such, both Valerica and Serana underwent this horrific and degrading ritual.".

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This mod, which requires the official Dawnguard DLC, allows you to recruit Valerica, Serana's mother, once and only once you finish the main Dawnguard quest and she is back in the Castle.

Valerica uses her own follower system; which means you can recruit another follower alongside her without compatibility issue. Talking about compatibility, this mod is compatible with other mods. This mod is compatible with cosmetic mods that modify Valerica herself, and other vampiric mods. So, no compatibility known issues. This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit and does not include dirty edits. No vanilla forms have been altered.

Once you tell her to wait, she will stay there forever until you come back and find her. If you make her wait in your home or somewhere else considered as a friendly location, Valerica will choose to sandbox ("relax") in this location. If you tell her to wait somewhere else, then she will not move until you come back.
When fired, Valerica will come back to the Castle Volkihar.

Valerica comes with her own ability that gets triggered if her and her daughter are both recruited at the same time.
Once you are in combat, and if Serana is next to her, she will use her special power: "A Mother's Wrath". With this power, Valerica will summon bats around her. These bats will make her movements faster and will drain health to the nearby foes.

Valerica is voiced (in English) using vanilla assets.