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Adds the werewolf pelt to the werewolf's death item list in place of a wolf pelt, and a werebear pelt to werebears.

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This mod makes werewolves drop werewolf pelts. That's it. The item was already in game but unused so I added it to the werewolf's drop list. There's also a version for Dragonborn that adds werebear pelts to werebears. In all there are four versions:

  • Vanilla - Needs another mod that adds Werewolf encounters.
  • Dawnguard - Werewolves only.
  • Dragonborn - Werebears only.
  • Legendary - Both werewolves and werebears. Also allows crafting of leather from the pelts (4 leather for both werewolf and werebear pelts).

Only download the vanilla version if you don't have Dawnguard and are using a mod that adds werewolf encounters. I recommend Werewolves occurring naturally for this. This mod does not modify werewolves except to change an item in their drop list. Loading it after any other mods that modify werewolves should prevent conflicts.

Please report any bugs or conflicts and I will work to find fixes for them.