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They Got Tired Of Wearing your stuff.

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They're tired of being slaves to humanity, they are rising up to kill the peoples of Skyrim, prepare to defend yourself.

Version 1.2 Changes
-Mannequins are everywhere! No Town or City is safe. There are 300+ Mannequins for you to kill.

Version 1.1 Changes
-Removed the Armor and Dadric Weapons, they however still have the power to overwhelm guards, and citizens.
-I removed a lot of them in Whiterun, but will still most likely (in my experience) slaughter everyone in Whiterun.
-Added them to the 5 Major Hold Capitals, the other 4 will come later.
-Changed the voice type, having them scream like bandits doesn't really make sense.

(Going to add them to more cities at some point, but now every mannequin in the game should attack you on sight.)

(Also, make sure you revert to an earlier save when uninstalling)

Oh, and thank VatiWah for accepting the task of clearing Whiterun of these things

(Video isn't displaying for me, if there's an issue, look under the "Videos" Tab, then go to "Video-Share")