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-) Skyrim
-) The latest patch
-) Dawnguard DLC

Big thanks to hodilton for his awesome video.

Finally it's ready to release my next bigger project. This time I present you a awesome location or house inside the Forgotten Vale. I have always thought that the Forgotten Vale offers a beautiful scenery. Also the snow elf architecture is unique and offers a great potential. It doesn't need much clutter to make the house or location feel unique and special.
The house comes with several features and some really well thought scripted events. Don't worry as you hear scripted, because every script is checked and shouldn't harm your game.
You will be able to acquire the house directly. Just discover it at the given location. There is somehow a quest involved. You ask what? Well you have to reach the Forgotten Vale
and this only happens during the Dawnguard questline. So you have to play the Dawnguard questline in order to get there.
(NOTE: If there are many requests, I will enable the map marker from load).

The house has not directly a quest but is integrated into the Dawnguard questline.
I have originally thought about letting it be a reward for completing the questline.
In addition to the Artifact you get. You ask how?
Well the house is a research base of Arch-Curate Vyrthur, where he wants to bring the snow elves back to former glory.
You will find the entrance blocked by his magic (Don't worry you will find a way to enter).
The name Fahliil Alok stands for Elf Arise.... A prophecy?? ... A plan??? Find it out, by defeating Vyrthur.
You will unlock the full potential of the house, once you have defeated the Arch-Curate Vyrthur.
Once he is defeated you will find his personal stuff or chest directly beneath the bow of Auriel.

So go get your house and defeat the Arch-Curate Vyrthur in order to reveal his plan and benefit from it.
Once you are inside the house you have to defeat a Ancient Guardian in order to get the key (He will clear himself after the cell resets).
If you can't find the house, a Location Screenshot is inlcuded in the download, as well as in the images section.
The house should be easy to find, as it's directly at the big frozen lake.

In order to gain access to the cave, you need to defeat Vyrthur in the Dwanguard questline. You will than find his personal stuff in a chest, directly where you find Auriels Bow.

In this section I would like to present you the main features of this mod.
You get a fantastic house, with a fantastic view and location as well as some unique backstory and the possibility to breed your own UNIQUE chaurus follower. Also for the first time in my mods I have included a lot of great retextures to match the beautiful architecture of the snow elves.

Fahliil Alok:
-) Unique atmopshere, even without any graphical enhancement mods
-) A really great lightning, which is well thought and placed
-) A unique enchanting table
-) 5 Mannequins and some retextured weapon plaques
-) New retextured rugs as well as some really awesome Ayleid cluttter
-) A very special structure integreated into the frozen scenery of the Forgotten vale
-) A unique fire place with a great feeling, as well as a fully decorated dinning table
-) 2 additional beds for potential followers
-) One secret room, which is the master bedroom
-) A alchemy station
-) 2 special scripted display possibilities. If you have Auriel's Bow and Shield you can display them
-) A study corner
-) A resarch corner, as well as a unique storage facility for falmer items
-) Tons of comsetical additions like frozen statues behind some windows, or ice hanging from the ceiling
-) etc.

Fahliil Alok Chauruscave:
You will be able to enter the cave, once you have acquired the key from Vyrthur.
Inside the cave you will find a really impressive atmosphere and lot's of chaurus related things (yes I like chaurus).
You will see a small spot inisde with a dwemer container. This will allow you to breed a unqiue CHAURUS FOLLOWER.
Yes you read right... You are able to breed a unqiue follower (he is essential and comes with a summoning spell), once you have acquired all the necessary items.
On the table you will find a note, how to breed succesfully a chaurus. You will also get a unique book from Vyrthur, once you defeated him, as well as a necessary item to breed your follower.

Also at this point I would like to advertise a great, but really underrated mod, from a really really awesome modder:
The Noble Chaurus by verteiron

I would recommend to install the mod with the NMM or any other mod managing tool.

If you want to install it manually drop the following 2 files in your data folder:
-) FahliilAlok.esp
-) FahliilAlok.bsa
-) FahliilAlok.bsl

Again I would recommend to uninstall the mod with the NMM or any other mod managing tool.

If you want to uninstall it manually remove the following 2 files in from data folder:
-) FahliilAlok.esp
-) FahliilAlok.bsa
-) FahliilAlok.bsl

!Also take out your items before you remove the .esp!

Q: Where is that house located?
A: Look at the images section or the Location screenshot inside the download

Q: Why now quest?
A: There is a quest involved, but no new one. Just the official DLC quest.

Q: How do I breed the follower?
A: If you have 4 Quicksilver ores and the Mutated Chaurus Egg from Vyrthur you can put that into the dwemer breeding chamber. Than follow the instructions.

Q: I have created the chaurus, but he is inisde a collision box?
A: You have to grow him. Pull the Rope on the right side and watch.

Q: Can you inlcude this or that?
A: Maybe... Just post your ideas and I will consider adding them

V1.0 -- Initial Release
V1.1 - Bugifx and Updated
-) Turned a chest around in the main hall
-) Added a new object you have to take in order to open the secret door. So the door can be closed again. The ojbect lies on the desk and also near the pull bar.
-) Fixed some dialogue issues
SAVE TO UPGRADE --> just install new version.

First of all I would like to thank Elianora. She helped me a lot with different things. For example she created new textures the blue ones. She also made the follower or retextured it and helped me with general testing and fixing.
BIG BIG thanks to Elianora for all that work and help.

Further thanks goes to:

DarkFox127 for his awesome resource collection
The_Funktasm for his really great Morrowind Style Clutter and More
InsanitySorrow for all his great Resources I used. Like the Ayleid Clutter or the Dwemer stuff.
Blary for the genious resources I used
Oaristys & Tony67 for their awsome Modders Resource Pack
stoverjm for his really great open books resource
The team of the TESA Resource Kit I used for some things
Ironman5000 for the great Deadric Chaurus I used
Vicn for his great resources
The guy who wrote the summon spell at CK Wiki

Finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!!


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