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Ahmad is a Redguard mercenary who was sent to the Blue Palace in Solitude by Elisif, the Jarl. She's so grateful to the Dragonborn for helping Skyrim get rid of Potema's menace that she gifted him/her with a well-trained bodyguard. Ahmad was featured in my previous mod, Domus Imperatoris, which remakes the Pelagius Wing and turns it into a liveable home, perfect for a hero such as the Dragonborn. But I decided to make him a standalone follower. You can find him at the Blue Palace in Solitude.

About Ahmad
He's a Master One-Handed trainer, and will help you raise your One-Handed skill - for a price. He's a strong warrior, and will do every and anything to protect the Dragonborn. He has perks like Dual Casting Restoration to help him heal himself when he gets hurt, and the most important One-Handed Perks... afterall, if he's a trainer, he's got to have a good swing, doesn't he?
He can be found at the upper floor at the Blue Palace from 8AM to 10PM... he will be hanging around with Elisif, Falk and their folks. Between 10PM and 8AM he goes to the lower floor and sleeps in his bed. Just wake him up to get him to follow you.

- Latest patch (1.9)

- Ahmad has his own voice (thanks to Vulon)
- There are over 20 different lines (more to be implemented)
- He wears his own set of Light armor (thanks to hothtrooper44 for borrowing me his textures and meshes)
- He is able to cast conjuration and restoration spells
- He is a master one-handed trainer (he will train you until you reach level 100)
- He has his own schedule (more to come)
- He has lots of perks that make him a better warrior
- He is 3 times stronger than the player, and doesn't stop leveling up when he reaches level 50 like the usual vanilla companions do.

- More lines added
- Some scripts were fixed

- Red square bug fixed

Known issues
None so far. Please report. Ahmad is also compatible with UFO (Ultimate Followers Overhaul) and Convenient Horses, although no lines have been recorded for these mods.

Special thanks to Vulon for voicing Ahmad. And, also, thanks to hothtrooper44 for letting me use the armor he created. Thank you!

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