Scout Blade Armor by Ugiin
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Added: 12/07/2014 - 01:59PM
Updated: 20/11/2014 - 08:34AM

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Last updated at 8:34, 20 Nov 2014 Uploaded at 13:59, 12 Jul 2014

Hi guys, I got tied of waiting for the Bingles buff armor mod for the Blades so I made my own one.
Its only the main chest part and gloves as there was no need to change anything else and it was all made by using Nifscope and gimp plus a lot so trial and error.

0.2 Update added a female version and made it so you can make it from the forge under the steel section. It requires the blades armor (this to me makes it feel like your removing the arms to cut back on the weight at the cost of armor).

0.2b Update Replaced the texture (Original was from another mod)

0.3 Update fine tuned the blade armor and added a fur version(at moment fur cant be made so use help scout in console to get id code)

0.4 Update Made it so you can make both sets of armor at the forge both require the normal blades armor and fur armor requires deer pelt as well. I also added fingerless gloves which requires you guessed it the normal blades gloves.

1.0 Update Made a female version of the Fur armor, and also cleaned up the files and the esp (so if any bugs appear I can fix them fast)