Tultush (Pre-Alpha) by Zelvius
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Tultush is a pretty small island off the coast of Skyrim. It has it's own World Space and it is Navmeshed (well not really good anyways, I can't really navmesh). You can get to this island by going to Dawnstar and on the boat at the dock there is a trap door, just go through it an voala you're there. There is only 3 locations and one has a marker.

Lil' Tultush: A small town that was overun by Falmer from a cave near by.

Hall of Heroes: A shrine to Ysgramor and Talos, this is a refugee for the reamaining people of Lil' Tultush (For now only 3 people for now more later)

Tower: A generic Stormcloak tower that was abandoned after the Falmer attack.

If you would like to help with this mod in any means by adding new locations, making some lore (I do have a bit of story but polishing the details on it) or anything really just comment and send me the modified file through something like mediafire or dropbox and I'll take a look at it.

Thanks for reading!