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Skyrim Immersion Patch is a small collection of patches and tweaks I put together to facilitate some annoying areas. It provides bedrolls where needed, heat sources for Frostfall where it makes sense along with other small improvements.

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Have you ever wondered how the Greybeards keep themselves warm? or those bandits in that tower above Riverwood? How do they prepare food in those inns?

And what about beggars...where do they sleep?

Mods like 'Cutting Room Floor' or 'Unofficial Skyrim Patch' inspired me to get started with that dreaded CK editor and give back a little to the Skyrim community.

This mod is not earth-shattering but it provides some useful immersive changes where it makes sense.

The mod itself is kept as simple as possible, using only Vanilla resources so far.

FrostFall is not required although many changes in this Immersion Patch were added with Frostfall in mind. Compatibility is extended only through the addition of campfires and other heat sources.

This mod covers the following kinds of changes:

- Heat sources in places that make sense (such as where NPCs work all day long in cold weather)
- User accessible bedrolls in some public places (beggars beds for example)
- Extra NPCs where you would expect them (such as a Vigilant of Stendarr helping out with daedric curses in them Temple of Kynareth or guarding various Shrines of Stendarr)
- Small details that were originally missed (for example, Reyda's clothes folded on the shore in Ivarstead)
- Small updates to vendors and other loot lists (Firewood, torch, linen wraps added to Misc Merchant Items).
- Cooking Spit added to inns without kitchens (can be disabled by talking to innkeepers)

There will be more changes in the future as I come across them. Feel free to post suggestions in the discussion area. I will be happy to include them if they are doable with minimal resources.

Look into the Readme section for a full list of the changes so far...