Sifs Ebony Auriels Greatbow by Sif
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Added: 11/07/2014 - 03:19AM
Updated: 09/04/2015 - 02:47AM

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Last updated at 2:47, 9 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 3:19, 11 Jul 2014

Changelog V3.0
ESP made by user kevkiev fixes all previous bugs, the bow can now be crafted and is compatible with vanilla Skyrim and all DLC.

This mod adds a new unique bow and texture based off Auriels bow to match gold trim ebony armor sets. The Bow Texture is 1k followed by a 2k normal map (courtesy of Alana12).
The bow can be crafted with the ebony smithing perk.
Keep in mind the armor texture I am personally using is aMidianborn ebony gold trim and I have designed my texture around matching his armor type so it may not suit everyone.

Skip to ~8:30.

To install the mod simply use the Nexus Mod Manager or install manually to the Skyrim data files.

If you have previously installed version 1.0 manually, follow the uninstall guide to remove the old textures then proceed to install version 2.0.

Uninstall using Nexus Mod manager or if installed manually proceed to delete the Sif7 folder in both the texture and meshes folder as well as the ebonygreatbow.esp in the data files.

Alana12 for permission to use here amazing and aurielsbow_m normal and alpha map textures from her mod Auriels Bow - HD Retexture

Kevkiev for his amazing work on creating a fixed esp (V3.0) for the mod to function as a standalone and fixing all the previous bugs

Mods used in screens:
Kinamatic ENB Extensive
Ebony Valkyrie armor
aMidainborn Ebony armor (Gold trim)
SFO 2.0
Shiverfrost Cottage