Spooky Edits - Reworked Vanilla Female Shrouded Armor Texture Fix by SpookyMunky
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Added: 10/07/2014 - 03:33AM
Updated: 03/08/2014 - 02:59PM

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Last updated at 14:59, 3 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 3:33, 10 Jul 2014

Description : I wish I knew the story behind the HD version of this texture set; the basics were in place but it seems the artist went to the pub and left his pet monkey to finish it :P. This is another monkey's attempt at bringing it up to the standard of the male set (so I can destroy it with one of my edits, muwahaha)

Installation : This is a texture replacer so you can just extract to your data folder / install using a mod manager as normal.

Double Size Versions : This is NOT a HD retexture but I work in 16bit double res and the odd adjustment I do might benefit from higher res... maybe :P.

Lossless Versions : These 24/32bit versions give a nicer depth to the textures and should be free from any artifacts, but are much more memory intensive so if you are already low on V-RAM then avoid :).

Screenshots : I always use the lossless versions of my textures alongside an edited RealVision Nova ENB with Enhanced Lights And FX

Photoshop files : I have decided it doesn't feel right uploading these to nexus given the file size, will shove them somewhere else if that is allowed ?

Restrictions : None.. use as you will :)