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Check the Forums Tab I have set up 3 Topics one for Vanilla, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard to where you can suggest helmets and armor meshes you want me to improve. As well as a Comments Topic.

Heres a demo video of a feature in my next mod. Modular Statues.

Track the mod so you know when I update it.

  1. Description
  2. Current Version
  3. Installation
  4. Un-Installation
  5. Features
  6. Upcoming Features
  7. Change Log

1. [Description]
This is a work in progress project I’m doing where I improve the helmet and armor meshes of skyrim to look better. Like for example removing the eye cover on the Nightingale Hood and making it to where you can see the face of the character.
  Yes I have tested all the Dragon Priest Masks and they do work. In fact this is the only working hoodless Dragon priest masks mod on the nexus. (Not to bash the other authors but I tried the ones I found and they didn't work, So I made my own)

2. [Current Version]
  Version .25 Alpha

3. [Installation]
  Use Nexus Mod Manager it makes installing and un-installing the mod easy.
  *If you insist on doing it manually then drag the Data folder into your Skyrim Directory and activate Improved Helmet and Armor meshes.esp or it wont work*
4. [Un-Installation]
  Use Nexus Mod Manager

5. [Features]
  [Vanilla Version .25 Alpha]
  -Vanilla game Dragon Priest Masks are hoodless (Actually works)
  - Renames the vanilla Dragon Priest Masks with a naming convention for sorting like “Dragon Mask - Krosis”
  -Dragon Priest Masks now count as a circlet so you can wear them with all hoods (If they don’t take the circlet space up so be warned for hoods in mods) and should work with helmets like the Jagged Crown (again as long as they don’t take over the circlet space as well.)
  - Most if not all helmets and hoods in the vanilla game should work with the Dragon Priest Masks
  - Dragon Priest Masks no longer have a Light or Heavy Armor status
  - All Dragon Priest Masks work for both male and female.
6. [Upcoming Features]
  [Version .25 Beta]
  - Nightingale Hood Mesh Fix (No Eye Cover)
  - Dragonborn Version for Dragon Masks and others

7. [Change Log]
  [Version .25 Alpha]
  - Initial Release