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A replacement .ini for Optimizer Textures.

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A replacement .ini for Optimizer Textures,this .ini has a very long list of ignore file extensions so should speed up texture compressing for most people.I made this for using with Mod organizer as you can just point Texture Optimizer to the whole Mod organizer Mod folder and it will just look for .DDS files instead of scanning every file in the root folder.It is possible i have missed a few but there shouldn't be many,with this ini i can compress my mod folder in less than half the time it took before.

Ps i have also set this so it will not compress .NIF or other meshes in the .BSA compression mode.As this can cause mod problems,it should ONLY compress graphic files.

YOU MUST HAVE ... http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801/? INSTALLED FOR THIS TO WORK.Backup the other .ini and replace with this one.

Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk,i wont be held responsible if you break your game.This file is for people who understand what it is for and how to use.

Author notes
Use as you will,but please always give credit and link back to this and the Optimizer Textures pages..Thank you.

File credits
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801/? Please take 2 minutes to endorse this great util without it my game and probably 1000 s of others wouldn't be still enjoying Skyrim.

Big thank you to apipino for this program.

PS Big thank you too Seyavash for finda a fix to a possible crash.....

If you get an error message when starting, open the ini file in notepad++ or similar program and look at the last file drive paths in the beginning. If they are wrong, either rewrite them or copy the paths from the backup ini file if you have run the optimizer before. This should fix the error message.