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Version 1: Rough and ready, basic, no frills Hill Fort near Rorikstead.

Permissions and credits
Update: Due to work commitments i hereby give full permissions for anyone to take this start point and do their own version! I look forward to seeing your creations! Enjoy!!

First release of my early Motte and Bailey castle near Rorikstead. These types of fort were extensively used by both the Angle Saxons and Normans in Britain and Europe from the Dark Ages through to the Middle ages. This mod aims to be lore friendly and as accurate to history.

Two versions, with and without bandits :-)

Future plans:
I will create an alternative Hill fort without the Motte somewhere in the Reach (Near the Forsworn) and i have decided to release as a separate mod.

Hearthfires, Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs required (If anyone can advise how i can remove Dragonborn as a core requirement that would be appreciated)

Change Log:
v0.1: Initial release
v0.2: Bug and clipping issues fixed, NPCs added (Basic needs more work), Lord's Bed Chamber added, Motte Palisade added, Motte Spikes added, Main Gate clipping resolved and walls added, Main Gate Portcullis removed, Some minor clutter added, banners added
v0.3: Final for test. Guards added, tweaks to house interior, additional idles and lighting
v0.4: Bug/Glitch fixes
v0.5: Debugging
v0.6: Wide landscape clean and two bandit ambushes added
V1.0: Hill Fort Hall completely redone, Motte has been integrated into Bailey with defense, One Bandit spawn moved to the plain to stop impacting Rorikstead, Tower has been revamped with mezzanine sleeping floor, new smaller/more realistic windows and fireplace, Gatehouse steps amended, towers, walkways and palisade updated
V1.1: Braziers sorted on tower, Weapons values reset, Guard Lvls reset, Added some Hall detail, Chest rotated, Some lighting changes, Chests and Barrels re spawn (I hope!!)removed

Known Issues:
1. Guards AI is not 100%
2. Hall is a bit lacking in detail

Hope you like it!! Please let me know of any issues and suggestions.

If it's not 100% right for you can I suggest you use the brilliant Pocket Empire Builder Mod to tweak to your individual needs?