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About this mod

This mod adds an NPC to the Ragged Flagon who can remove bounties on the player character for a fee.

Permissions and credits

I made this mod due to my frustration with vanilla options for taking care of your bounty. This mod allows you to pay a member of the Thieves Guild to clear your bounties for you, much like in Oblivion.

The mod is fully voiced and TES5 cleaned. As it does not modify vanilla content, but instead adds new content, it should not conflict with other mods (within reason). Please report any bugs or conflicts with other mods.

Speak to the bounty clearer in the Ragged Flagon to clear your bounty. It will cost half of whatever your current bounty is to clear it and works separately for each hold. 

Thanks to Edmond Noir for re-voicing and redesigning the bounty clearer character and inspiring me to update the mod.


You must have finished the first quest in the thieves guild quest line (A Chance Arrangement) or finished The Silence Has Been Broken, in the Dark Brotherhood quest line in order to use his services.


If you aren't familiar with manual installs then I would recommend using NMM.

To uninstall simply delete TGBC.esp, TGBC.bsa, and TGBC.bsl from your data folder.

Bug Fixes

If you find a bug in the mod use the bug report feature to bring it to my attention.