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Name of the Author of the real Sword: Brendan Olszowy.
His website is
The link to this piece is here:


So here i wanna share my latest creation with you guys, big news this one actually got created using only hard cold references xD

Till now i almost always made stuff from my imagination(which is easier.. try it yourself..) considering this you shouldnt expect a 100% matching every detail epic copy of the sword my modeling skills are limited texturing oneĀ“s even more but i did my best and im very happy with the result. :)

Its Craftable in the Steel Section at the Forge.


1.Extract the archive
2.Copy the contents of the archive in your SkyrimData folder
3.Open the Skyrim launcher or your mod manager of choice and check the Passion Never Dies.esp


1.Uncheck the esp plugin
2.Delete all files that came with the mod

Do NOT modify/reupload/edit/sell any asset in this mod without my permission. Have fun!