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Last updated at 5:58, 17 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 7:54, 7 Jul 2014

2016-11-16: anniversary version 1.3 description clean-up.

What You Need To Know:

- it's a quest mod that works as an add-on for the vanilla main quest
- a challenging quest starts after completing the vanilla main quest (or 150 game days passed, whichever comes first)
- the nature of the challenge is that of adventure game obtuse puzzles, and this permeates throughout this whole modification 
- so the questing gameplay it's not combat heavy, and so it should work with any combat rebalancing mod
- some content, if done early enough, will let you skip or postpone chunks of the vanilla main quest
- the project website (NPCs, FAQ, and more) page is  here 
- last but not least: the interactive hint page is here (and it pretty much obsoletes the old README info). Just let me copy and paste its starting page here: 


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Installation and Compatibility

- this mod is a standard for quest mods esp+bsa package
- here at nexusmods with optional NPC voicepack as seperate download
- and has a compatibility patch for Not So Fast - Main Quest - the patch combines both mods seamlessly
- and has a compatibility patch for Skyrim Unbound - the initial main quest flows obviously a bit different

Anything else is likely to plug and play without game-breaking issues.

10/2015: Special thanks to: r/teslore user SimplyShifty, for tweaks to Dragon Cult related in-game texts.