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Greatbows Mod

= Adds Greatbows in Skyrim which are Larger more Powerful versions of Normal Bows

- Download and Extract the .rar file with WinRAR, 7-Zip or any similar tool
- Copy and Paste the Meshes and Sound Folders in your Skyrim Data folder
(:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data)
- Open the folder named "ESP TYPES (CHOOSE ONE)" and choose which ESP you want and paste it in your Skyrim data folder
- The details and differences of the ESPs can be seen in the list below named "= ESP TYPES ="
- Activate "GR123 Greatbows.esp" with Nexus Mod Manager or the game's default launcher or any similar tool

= ESP Types =
Choose which ESP you want and paste it in your Skyrim Data folder, here are the descriptions
"Enchantment - No DLC" - Default version, 100% Chance Stagger, Greatbows cannot be enchanted
"Enchantment - DLC"     - 100% Chance Stagger, Greatbows cannot be enchanted, includes Dragonbone Greatbow, 
                                      Stahlrim Greatbow, Nordic Greatbow, Auriel's Greatbow and their corresponding 
                                      Greatarrows, Requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs
"Perk - No DLC"             - 100% Chance Stagger Requires "Power Shot" Perk, Greatbow Can be enchanted,
                                      incompatible with mods editing "Power Shot" perk
"Perk - DLC"                 - 100% Chance Stagger Requires "Power Shot" Perk, Greatbow Can be enchanted,
                                     incompatible with mods editing "Power Shot" perk, includes Dragonbone Greatbow, 
                                     Stahlrim Greatbow, Nordic Greatbow, Auriel's Greatbow and their corresponding 
                                     Greatarrows, Requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs

= Advantages
- Higher Damage
- 100% Stagger Rate
- Armor Piercing Greatarrows

= Disadvantages
- Significantly Heavier than regular Bows
- Louder attack sound that affects stealth
- Significantly slower to draw and shoot
- Cannot be enchanted (Depends on which version you use)

= Can be Crafted and Upgraded
- Daedric Greatbows require "Daedric Smithing" perk, like other bows require smithing perks according to their corresponding weapon material but bows like Falmer and Forsworn etc. which do not have proper weapon material classes requires "Advance Armors Smithing" perk to craft them

= Includes the following Greatbow Types
- Greatbow (Longbow Style)
- Hunting Greatbow
- Imperial Greatbow
- Ancient Nord Greatbow
- Nord Hero Greatbow
- Orcish Greatbow
- Forsworn Greatbow
- Falmer Greatbow
- Dwarven Greatbow
- Elven Greatbow
- Glass Greatbow
- Ebony Greatbow
- Nightingale Greatbow
- Deadric Greatbow
- Dragonbone Greatbow
- Stahlrim Greatbow
- Nordic Greatbow
- Auriel's Greatbow

= Includes the following Greatarrow Types
- Iron Greatarrow
- Steel Greatarrow
- Ancient Nord Greatarrow
- Nord Hero Greatarrow
- Forsworn Greatarrow
- Falmer Greatarrow
- Orcish Greatarrow
- Dwarven Greatarrow
- Dwarven Firebomb Greatarrow
- Dwarven Frostburst Greatarrow
- Dwarven Shocksurge Greatarrow
- Elven Greatarrow
- Glass Greatarrow
- Ebony Greatarrow
- Daedric Greatarrow
- Dragonbone Greatarrow
- Stahlrim Greatarrow
- Nordic Greatarrow
- Bloodcursed Greatarrow
- Sunhallowed Greatarrow

v1   - Initial release
v1.1 - Added more impact sounds for different materials
     - Tweaked the sound volumes
     - Added 4 new greatbows
     - Added 5 new greatarrows
     - Added DLC and NON-DLC versions (see "ESP Types" list for details)
     - Added a Perk and Enchantment versions (see "ESP Types" list for details)
     - And some more minor tweaks and details

- Thanks to Oriviath for helping me out with enchantments on V1.1
- Auriel's Greatbow does not have "sunlight artillery" power when shooting the sun
- An Auriel's Bow is required to craft an Auriel's Greatbow but you can also convert your Auriel's Greatbow
  back to the original Bow version in a crafting forge, i made it that way to prevent people from making several
  copies of Auriel's Bows/Greatbows which is suppose to be a unique weapon
- Bloodcursed Elven Arrows, apart from blocking the sun has no other special effects, since i cannot make the
  Bloodcursed Greatarrows block the sun, i made it different by making it a very fast and very accurate projectile
  by increasing its projectile speed and flattening its trajectory
- (MISC) I was never really a fan of over-sized weapons, especially swords like the buster sword but when i watched Game of Thrones and saw the giant's bow, then i thought it would be nice to have that in skyrim, so i searched and found siege bows mod but it was hidden by the author so i made this, and when i was making this, i intentionally planned to make this mod have clear advantages and disadvantages over normal bows

Cheat = And if you want to easily get these bows and arrows then just type "help greatbow container" and you'll see stuff like these
CONT: (16000d6c) 'Greatbow Container'
- then type "player.placeatme 16000d35" and close the console
- a chest will spawn near you that contains all the greatbows and greatarrows
- after you've taken what you need, just open the console again and click on the chest and type disable on the console to remove the chest from the game world
- if you accidentally deleted the wrong object then type enable to spawn it back, then just click on the right object and disable the chest
- NOTE: those numbers (16000d6c) are just an example