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Are you one of those people that really loves the Bloodskal Blade? Disappointed that you don't have any appropriate blood-themed armour? Be disappointed no more! At the exit of Bloodskal Barrow there is now a chest containing a full set of blood red Heavy Stahlrim armour. Aside from the colour and slightly increased value, the Bloodskal Armor is identical to Heavy Stahlrim. That means matching set perks, even if you mix together pieces of Bloodskal and Heavy Stahlrim! All pieces also have tempering recipes, so they can be improved at a workbench with one piece of Stahlrim. The armour is fully set-up for males and females, including beast races.

Latest update and Dragonborn.

--use NMM, or extract the BloodskalArmor.esp and meshes and textures folders to your Skyrim Data folder
--use NMM, or delete BloodskalArmor.esp and the meshes and textures folders named bloodskalarmor.

Credits/Programs Used:
--Skyrim Retexturing Software Tutorial by David Brasher

If you want to incorporate my mod or its resources in a mod of your own, you may do so provided that you credit me for anything you use. I would also greatly appreciate it if you send me a link so I can check it out.

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