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Added: 06/07/2014 - 11:40PM
Updated: 20/08/2014 - 11:41PM

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Last updated at 23:41, 20 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 23:40, 6 Jul 2014

Here is another realistic approach to an ENB preset. Beware, you will need a torch at night! This is not a summer paradise or extremely cold preset, it's somewhere in between. Enjoy your new Skyrim! After you test this ENB come back and give me your feedback and endorse if you really like it, thanks.

Want ambient occlusion and depth of field? Enable them in the enbseries.ini file! (this will hurt FPS greatly) Also, tweak the enblocal.ini file accordingly if need be (lower anisotropic filtering or disable sweetFX).

This is a work in progress, going to tweak it as I go through a new playthrough, but for the most part it's almost finished. Could use your help in any way possible, if you see something out of the ordinary let me know.

This ENB was created on an IPS monitor for very accurate coloring, be sure to calibrate your monitors as well in order to preserve the same appearance I've achieved.

It requires the newest ENB version 262 -

Required mods:
1. Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB (you ONLY need the .esp plugin from the data folder)-
2. The newest version includes some crucial components of the Enhanced ENB Night eye mod, however it will not function or look properly if you do not use the optional Predator Vision patch.  Also, you'll need the entire Predator Vision mod.  This is all of course optional, but believe'll eventually run out of torches in a pitch black dungeon and regret not having night eye.

Recommended mods:
1. Skygazer Moons -
2. Enhanced Night Skyrim (Lower stars) -
3. Milky Way Galaxy -
4. Dramatic Clouds -
5. Matso Immersive Sun (Don't install .esp file) -
6. Cinematic Fire Effects (also cinematic embers) -
7. Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover -
8. Realistic Water Two (ENB Textures) -
9. Relighting Skyrim -
10. Skyrim Particle Patch (subsurface scattering patch as well) -
11. Predator Vision -
12. Enhanced ENB Night Eye -

Version History:
1.6 Edited many things, added night vision thanks to the Predator Vision as well as the Enhanced ENB Night Eye mods. 8/18/14
1.5 Edited many things, most importantly particles. 7/15/14
1.4 Edited subsurface scattering for people, vegetation and objects. 7/12/14
1.3 Finalized the sun settings. 7/10/14
1.2 Edited night sky and added SSAO as well as DOF! 7/7/14
1.1 Edited Sun! 7/7/14
1.0 Initial release! 7/6/14

Would like to give credit to these people: - Creator of SweetFX
Boris - Creator of ENB
Confidence Man - Creator of Natural Lighting and Atmospherics
bronze316 - Provided optional DOF
scegielski - Gave properly working night vision to ENB.