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New models that match each of the Whiterun houses that lack foundations.

Permissions and credits
The Whiterun houses can be hard to build with as they lack proper foundations. Percevan made these new foundation models for Hoddminir so we build in a more varied terrain, and we like to share these with you. There is a new models that match each of the Whiterun houses that lack foundations.

This modders resource contains:
* Foundations for the 16 Whiterun houses that lack foundations in the original models.
* There are two types of stoop with steps, a long and a short, that can be added under the house steps if needed.

The foundations use original Skyrim textures, with the exception of the ground on the stoop models, here Blakflag/HyperactivChilds grass_dirt02 texture is used.

Un-zip files
Copy textures dds files to the SkyrimDataTexturelandscape
Copy nif files to the SkyrimDataMeshesarchitecturewhiterunfoundations

How to use this resource
The resource is as nif files, you will have to add them to your mod manually.

With the Creation kit - How to add static objects
1. Open the CK, load your mod as active and Skyrim.esm
2. Drag and drop the nif files you wish to use to the Object window from your skyrim folder.

Know issues
Some of the models will appear under ground when added to the landscape.

Delete files

v1.0, 06/07/2014 - Initial release

If something is not working, please contact me (Elinen) or Percevan.
You can find us on Dark Creations, TESNexus and the official Elder Scrolls forums.

Thanks to:
Percevan for taking on this project
Blakflag/HyperactivChilds for his textures
Dark Creations for hosting the Hoddminir project.
Bethesda for the original Skyrim game and Creation kit.

The resources can be used as you please in your own mods. All we ask in return is that you give credit to the model creator Percevan if you distribute any part of this mod.
The new models in these files can not be used for any mods that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms.