Blueguile's Enhanced Steel Plate Armor by Blueguile
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Steel Plate Armor

Standalone and Global

Standalone armor is creatable at the forge. It can be enchanted and improved. The armor has a higher rating than the standard armor. Also the items needed to craft the armor has been added to. The armor has male and female versions. Read the ReadMe.txt for crafting instructions!!


I have been tired of the default armors and weapons so I decided to make my own. Friends of mine who played SkyRim wanted them as well.This armor can be standalone or global. I thought that the regular steel plate armor was kind of plain and wanted to make it fancier. Also I did not like the fact that it was a weak heavy armor. Its rating is close to Dragon Bone armor. But it takes more items to craft it. Seems like the only way to balance it out. If you like it please endorse it.If you do not like it explain what it is that can be improved or changed. Thank you for all the past endorsements. Its what prompted me to add this armor. I have serveral more skins completed if people are interested in having them.

I also have armors which include Ebony, Daedric, Dragonbone, and Glass armors which are all Standalone Armors. They can be found here!