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Added: 05/07/2014 - 02:10PM
Updated: 07/01/2015 - 08:31PM

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Last updated at 20:31, 7 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 14:10, 5 Jul 2014

Credit goes to IthilgaladHalfElven for providing the base work for this ENB.

The NMM version includes options for:
1. Brightness patch - select the optional brightness patch if you think the original contrast is too high
2. Performance version - while it cuts out some of the effects, the performance version should run much smoother on older PCs

To install:
1. Download with NMM
2. Activate through NMM, follow on-screen installation
3. IMPORTANT: Go into the Skyrim/Data/BleakRealismENB_files/ folder and run INSTALL_BLEAK_REALISM_ENB.bat

To uninstall:
1. BEFORE de-activating through NMM, go to Skyrim/Data/BleakRealismENB_files/ and run UNINSTALL_BLEAK_REALISM_ENB.bat
2. De-activate through NMM.

Recommended Mods

To get water and trees like in the images, you need to get these mods:

- Realistic Water Two

- Watercolor for ENB

- Realistic Lighting Overhaul

- Skyrim Flora Overhaul


If you have any suggestions on how to improve the look of this ENB (not if you have problems or things not working), please reply to THIS COMMENT in the post section. Thank you.