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this is a pack of my Characters used in the Familiar Faces Mod, all downloadable individually!

Familiar Faces Mod can be found here: Familiar Faces

to activate these characters, use the Familiar Faces Mod's MCM menu under the Shrine of Heros tab.

the equipment mods used on these characters include:
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches (near all of them)
(Koreen the 2nd)
Daedric Crossbow (The BlackSmith)
Bonemold and Chitin Weapons - Morrowind Armory (Scales-of-Ash)
Cloaks of Skyrim (Koreen the 1st, Roahvka, and Hunts-with-Blades)
Wet and Cold (Near all of them)
these mods are not required, the characters will work fine without them, though some will lack weapons.