About this mod

This mod adds the ability to quickly incubate eggs with the fire of the forge and create a horde of creatures(2.1Chickens,Goose,Dwarveggman,Dwarvworm,Chaurus,Crab,Mudcrab,Dwarvcrab,Spiders,Roach,Dwarvspider,MiniDragons,Dwarveyebot;3.5TER+ChaurusHunters,FrozenChaurus,SpectralDragon,Netch,Scrib,Chagohod,Spiders,RealDragons,Raptor,FlyingChaurus)

Permissions and credits
Incubated EGGS versions 2.1.1 (No DLC) and 3.5.5 TER (Dawnguard and Dragonborn Edition)

This mod adds the ability to quickly incubate eggs with the fire of the forge, and quickly create a horde of little creatures (5, 15, 50, 100, MORE ? ...ATTENTION with the freezes in your computer !) that are following you as if you were their mother !

To obtain these eggs, simply bring any “XXX Egg ” (found with some merchants) to a forge and create the "Incubated XXX Egg" in the "misc" section. Now open up your inventory, navigate to "Scrolls" and there they are. You throw them and when they hit the ground they hatch into little creatures. Some of these little creatures can follow you !

When your creatures die, remember to loot their corpses for more eggs !

On your Mount (a Raptor), to be accompanied by many Raptors (or other creatures), no problem if you have the mod Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster

Video with the version 3.5.5 TER between 7’58’’ and the end (Thanks to KnightStreakGaming)


20 DRAGON'S EGGS (Slaughterfish model for the Egg/Icewraith model for the Mini Dragons)

For the Mini Dragons and the Dwarven Eyebot + only in the version TER, the Spectral Dragon, the Raptor and the Real Dragons: in Windhelm (Merchants: Elda at the Candlehearth, Ambarys at the Corner Club, Quintus at the White Phial, Revyn Sadri, Hillevi ).The eggs are also in the dead creatures !


For the Chaurus,the Dwarvworm, the Crab, the Mudcrab and the Dwarvcrab + only in the version TER, the Chaurus Hunters, the Frozen Chaurus, the Chagohod and the Flying Chaurus: in Riften (Merchants: Keeravia at the Bee and Barb, Elgrim at Elgrim’s Elixirs, Marise Aravel, Vekel at the Ragged Flagorn in the Ratways ).The eggs are also in the dead creatures !

Attention, these creatures are very aggressive


For the Chickens, the Goose and the Dwarven Eggman: in Whiterun (Merchants: Arcadia of Arcadia’s Cauldron, Anoriath, Hulda of the Bannered Mare ).The eggs are also in the dead creatures !

These "birds" are harmless creatures !


For the White Spider, the Roach, the Forest Spider and the Dwarvspider + only in the version TER, the Solstheim's Spiders, the Netch, the Ash Hopper and the Blue Butterfly: in Solitude (Merchants: Angeline at Angeline’s Aromatics, Corpulus at Winking Skeever, Sayma at Bits and Pieces, Addvar ).The eggs are also in the dead creatures !



If you have my other mods with Incubated Eggs: Incubated Eggs, Curious Birds Mounts and Armies , Chimeras Mounts and Armies, New Gryphons Mounts and Armies, Snails and Slugs of Skyrim, Repopulate with Mushrooms, Griffins Mounts and Armies,Gerbils Mounts and Followers , Skaven Mounts and Followers or Incubated Winged Chocobos , in order to find these eggs at Merchants, you must choose the mod for which you want to buy and place it at the bottom of the list in the Data Files when you launch the game.

Only for the manual installation:

You have to put the folder « Data » in "...Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim "

For the manual and the NMM installations:

You must place the new .esp at the bottom of the list in the Data Files when you launch the game for the correction of some bugs...(Normally, this is done automatically)

You can put in your Skyrim.ini ( user / my documents / my games / Skyrim ) the following settings (you can copy / paste the following):



These settings allow you to see all mounts (of my mods) correctly, whether your character takes his weapon out or not

Bugs or Problems

No fast travels with the army of little creatures!

They tend to be blocked by city doors

When the Chicken/Goose/Dwarven Eggman is in battle, it approaches the enemy and just stand their and lets itself be attacked and it doesn't fight back (there is no animation in the game for the chickens/Goose/Eggman to fight)

In the Oil Spider Death item, you have the "Albino Butt", i have not placed it in ! I don't understand

Do not invoke the Real Dragons in homes !

The Blue Butterfly can’t fly... i search !...(The Butterfly is not a "creature" with a skeleton,
this is a animated static that move on a given path, like other critters such as Bees, Hawks, Pond Fish)

DO NOT GO DOWN (E key) when you are running fast (4 legs) with the Raptor ....A solution: mount again and QUICKLY TYPE THE KEYS Z (W ?), E and ALT

Some dead Netchs remain in the air !... Some dead Raptors remain standing !...It just give them a stroke of his sword...


1) For the Chickens/Goose and the Dwarven Eggman, Dwarven Worm, Dwarven Eyebot, + only on the version TER: Chagohod, Tyrant, Lich, Flying Chaurus

The textures of Chickens are from Bellyache ; Mod Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack ("Asset use permission": "You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me").

Macadamstreet for the meshes and texture of the goose in his mod Goosy goosa !

Jc1 for the model of the Goose

dogtown1 to convert the model of the Goose in skyrim

The mesh of the Flaming Chicken from Darren83 in his mod New Spell -El Pollo Diablo-

Vicn for the meshes of the Tyrant, the Flying Chaurus, the Lich, the Dwarven Eggman, the Chagohod, the Dwarven Eyebot and the Dwarven Worm, in his mod Vicn Creature Resource (”You can use any parts of this mod without my permission.”)

2) For some Eggs

Kahjiit Raj in his mod Golden Egg Treasure Hunt for the textures (with: Wyeko,struckdumb,super_chicken,bigsteve7743,Enchantedgal,
of some Eggs ("Asset use permission": "You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me").

3) For the Crab and the Dwarvcrab

UlithiumDragon for his Dwarven Mudcrab in his mod (modder resource) Dwemer Mechanical Mudcrab

Muppetpuppet for the meshe and the textures of the Rivercrab, in his mod: Moonpath to Elsweyr (« use everything you want »)

4) For the Mini Dragons, the Raptor and the Roach

Muppetpuppet for the Raptor, textures and meshe (“use everything you want”)

The Meshes/textures of the Roach, all the bone, naga (Model from DigitalLion), and other dragon models that are rigged to the Ice Wraith skeleton, were created and rigged by Dogtown1 /Skymomod in the Skyrim Monster Mod version 10

The textures of the Mini Dragons are from lifestorock in his Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Versions 2 and 3; and Bellyache in Bellyaches New Dragon Species and Ohdaviing Replacer

5) For Spiderman,Macho Man Chicken, Macho Man Dragon (in the 2.1.1 Special Edition only)

FancyPantz for the meshes and textures of No Spiders - 'piderMan 'dition , Macho Dragons and Macho Man Chickens
("You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission")

6) For the Chaurus Hunters (in the version TER only)

JSnider193 for the new textures of the Chaurus Hunters ( Blood, Reptile, Pebbled) in his mod (« Modders resources and tutorials »): Critter Variants ("You can modify and use as needed")


(Thanks to Thyworm for this video)