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Adds a set of Glass weapons retextured to match the Ancient Falmer ivory armour.

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Do you like Glass weapons? Do you like the Ancient Falmer ivory armour? Do you wish you had a weapon set that matched the ivory armour? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place! Thanks to Calcelmo's investigations of the ancient Snow Elves, the knowledge of how to smith their weapons has been rediscovered and is quickly spreading across Skyrim. Thanks to a rather straightforward process involving the tusks of Skyrim's mammoths and horkers, anyone skilled in Glass smithing can recreate the ivory-infused Glass weapons that were once used by the Snow Elves.

You can forge a full set of Ivory Glass weapons at the forge, as well as arrows. The Battleaxe, Bow, Greatsword, Mace, Sword, War Axe, and Warhammer require a Mammoth Tusk in addition to the materials used for the regular Glass versions, and the Dagger and Arrows require a Horker Tusk in addition to the regular Glass materials. All of the weapons have tempering recipes so you can improve them at the grindstone with one Refined Malachite.

I prefer that my mods be lore-friendly, but in this case there isn't very much lore to go on. What little we do know is that the ancient Snow Elves were a highly sophisticated race that rivaled even the Altmer, and were highly skilled in frost-related magic. The Ancient Falmer armour set is actually named ivory armour in the game's files, so I figured it made sense to make ivory a crafting requirement for these weapons. I also really love Glass weapons, which are Elven in origin, so I figured "hey, maybe they infused the Glass with ivory from the tusks of Skyrim's native creatures."

Now, since Gelebor carries an Elven Mace and the Forgotten Vale is littered with regular Elven weapons, you could argue that they just used those and didn't have their own style of weapons, but I don't buy it. They have unique armour and architecture, but not weapons? I think that Bethesda, for whatever reason, just used regular Elven weapons out of convenience rather than any lore reason. Ideally, this would be a totally unique weapon set, but the limitations of my skills mean it's just a simple retexture. Hopefully you guys agree with me that the Ancient Falmer needed some weapons of their own.

Latest update and Dawnguard.

Thanks to jynx474, there are patches available for Dual Sheath Redux and Better Shaped Weapons.

--use NMM, or extract the IvoryGlassWeapons.esp and meshes and textures folders to your Skyrim Data folder
--use NMM, or delete IvoryGlassWeapons.esp and the meshes and textures folders named ivoryglass.

Credits/Programs Used:
--Skyrim Retexturing Software Tutorial by David Brasher

If you want to incorporate my mod or its resources in a mod of your own, you may do so provided that you credit me for anything you use. I would also greatly appreciate it if you send me a link so I can check it out.

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