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Walk, run, sprint for females.
Run and sprint for males.

Neatly packaged in a Mod Organizer/NMM installer with lots of options.

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The GIF probably plays a little too slow in the browser. Watch on Gfycat or try the video below.


These animations are a by-product of my little research project to create (tools for creating) physically plausible animations.

I'm a programmer, not an animator. So this whole thing is a learning process for me. I hope you're still getting something out of it.


Walk, run, sprint for females.
Run and sprint for males.
Faster weapon drawing for 2 handed weapons. (I know, it's a bit random.)


Please install with either Mod Organizer or NMM. The mod comes with an installer with lots of options.
I suggest you install the mod with all animations enabled first, try it out, then reinstall again with the ones you liked.

I recommend Mod Organizer, it's a really great program. I don't use NMM anymore, but I'm told that the installer works.

Known Problems

  • No cloak animations? There's finally a physics based solution: Capes with HDT physics by kryptongirlkara.
  • The sprint looks rather stupid with a shield equipped. -> Use a mod that automatically unequips the shield when you sheath your weapon.
  • You have a custom skeleton and the torch doesn't work? -> Run FNIS with the "Skeleton Arm Fix" patch enabled.
  • The run animation was created for normal running speed (light armor). If your heavy armor/weapon is slowing you down, the animation will look wrong. I even tried modifying the behavior files to fix this, but it's not working. This problem exists in the vanilla game and with all animation mods out there. Maybe it's just more noticeable with my mod since the focus is on being physically plausible.

Plans for the future (no promises, no dates)

Better walk

Thank You

Thank you for all the kind words and the endorsements. Even in this unfinished state this mod has more endorsement than Animated Shout Farting, so I'm really happy with that. No, but seriously, all the positive feedback is very much appreciated. <3


Great sprint reference
Kudos to UrShack for helping me fix the 360 animations.