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My English is not so good. I learned from Star Trek only from hearing. So I made some spelling mistakes in my mod. If you find one, tell me and I correct it.

My mods:

Papa Timm - Enemies & Races

In Short

- Levels every Enemy (The Weak less, The Strong more) till Level 100
- Gives all Undead special abilities and make them only killable by special Weapons
- Changed many creatures, made them stronger, gave them weakness and Strength
- Changes some Combat Styles from some Creatures (e.g.Vampire now use their Claws more often.)
- Changes Races, so they have all a Weakness and 3 - 4 Race specific talents
- Changed many things related to Vampires and Werewolfs.
- All NPCs are now protected (only killable by Player)
- Weapon Range was overlooked
- Some new Weapons like Holy Water or a Wooden Stake
- New Silver Ingredients (Silver Salt, Silver Oil)

Dragon Changes
In an extra esp I added some changes to dragons.
I did it only for me, because I wanted all dragons to be different. Every Dragon has other resistances and weaknesses.
I added also Nature Dragons and Lightning Dragons.
Changes to the dragons itself... Only double Health and the resist Perk.

Fire Dragons: Resist Fire and Nature 90%; Weakness to Frost 20%
Frost Dragons: Resist 90% of Frost Damage, 50% of Nature and Shock Damage; Weakness to Fire 20 %
Lighting Dragons: Resist 90% of Shock Damage, 50% of Fire and Frost Damage; Weakness to Nature 20 %
Nature Dragons: Resist 90% of Nature and Shock Damage; Weakness to Fire and Frost 20 %

Good to know

- The Werewolf gets an extra run Animation from the mod

-Special thanks to Etayorius. Without him my mods would not exist. And my description would be without colour and everything else.

01.Prolog – 02.Races + Classes

03.Vampires – 04.Werewolves

05.Undead – 06.Enemies

07.Settings – 08.Other Changes

09.Installation – 10.Compatibility

11.Credits – 12.Recommended


At first I want to thank all the Modders, who helped me and let me use their Ideas, Meshes and Textures. I am really bad in designing. So I asked many many people, whether I could use their work. Most of them said yes. Without them, my mod would be less than nothing.

Every Single new Texture, every single new Mesh and every single new Animation is not from me but from other great modders. I included them into my mod, so you do not have to install their mods. You should of course download them, to endorse them afterwards.

All modding was made by me. I had some ideas, some Ideas I used from other mods. But I have to say, I made everything myself and I just use some Ideas I was fond of. Often I changed the Idea from another great modder and formed it for me.

02. Races + Classes:

Races Stats:


Argonian Resistance:
Your Argonian blood is 50% resistant to disease.
Argonian Weakness:
Argonians have a Weakness to Frost of 50%.
Argonian Regeneration:
Argonians regenerate their health 10 Points per Second, while sneaking and not moving
Argonians resist 50 of physical Damage.
While not moving with weapons out they can vanish.
Water Race:
Your Argonian lungs can breath underwater. You can Fight in the Water
A claw Attack does 2 Points of Poison Damage 10 Seconds long.

High Elves:

Altmer Weakness:
High Elves have a Weakness to Magic of 25%.
Altmer Regeneration:
High Elves regenerate their magicka 10 Points per Second, while sneaking and not moving
High Elves are born with <50> extra magicka.
Magic Shield:
Improves armor rating by 100 when your Magicka is above 90%
Magic Guardian:
High Elves may call a Magic Guardian to aid them in Battle


Woodelf Resistance:
Your Bosmer blood gives you <50%> resistance to poison and disease.
Woodelf Weakness:
Woodelfs have a Weakness to Fire of 25%.
Your Race is agile. You walk 15 % faster.
Summon White Wolf:
As a Woodelf you may call a friend for the Battle.
Nature Sense:
You may calm animals.
Nature Sense:
Standing still while sneaking let you hear moving creatures.


Khajiit Resistance:
Your Khajiit blood is 50% resistant to disease.
Khajiit Weakness:
Khajiits have a Weakness to Magic of 25%.
Night Eye:
Improved night vision and a sense of Smell to locate your enemies.
7 Lives:
You have a Chance of 7 % to avoid any Damage.
A claw Attack does extra Damage and scales with your Level.
Cats Grace:
Your Race is agile. You walk 25 % faster and you take only half falling damage.


Nord Resistance:
Your Nord blood gives you 50% resistance to Frost.
Nord Weakness:
Nord have a Weakness to Shock of 20%.
Battle Cry:
Targets flee for <dur> seconds.
Battle Rage:
The Nords are agile in Battle. You walk 15% faster while fighting.
Increased Stamina and Magicka regeneration by 25 %, when your Health is below <50%>.


Imperial Resistance:
Your Imperial blood gives you 50% resistance to Frost.
Imperial Weakness:
Imperials have a Weakness to Shock of 20%.
Block Magic:
While Blocking with a Shield, Imperials get <50>% resistance to Fire, Frost, Shock and Magic.
Imperial Luck:
Anywhere gold coins might be found, Imperials always seem to find a few more.
Imperial Pacify:
Calms nearby people for 60 seconds.
Imperial Dual Wield:
While wieding 2 Swords, Imperials do <25>% more damage.


Orc Resistance:
Your Orc blood gives you 20% resistance to Shock.
Orc Regeneration:
Orcs regenerate their Stamina 10 Points per Second , while sneaking and not moving.
Orc Health:
Orcs are born with 50 extra Health.
You take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds.

Dark Elves

Dark Elf Resistance:
Your Dark Elf blood gives you 50% resistance to Fire.
Dark Elf Weakness:
Dark Elves have a Weakness to Frost of 25%.
Move in Shadows
By low Light Level Dark Elves get Invisible and move silently.
Ancestors Wrath:
For some seconds, opponents that get too close take <8> points per second of fire damage.
Shadow Dagger:
As Dark Elf you can conjure Shadow Daggers, which do extra damage to the undead.
Night Eye:
Dark Elves can see in the dark.


I made books, which can be found on logical places after a quest like the Thieves Guild Quest, the Dark Brotherhood Quest, the Mage Quest or the Companion Quest.
Reading one book gives you a new Class with extra abilities. Reading it again you may delete your class and chose another one.

Worrior Classes::

Skills learned faster: 20% Heavy Armor + One-Handed, 10% Block + Smithing, 5% Two-Handed + Speech. Bashing Does double damage. Resist 10% of Weapon Damage.

Skills learned faster: 20%: Archery + Light Armor , 10%: 1-Handed + Enchant , 5%: Smith + Sneak. 30% chance to do double damage with bows. All bows and Crossbows do 50% more damage.

Witch Hunter
Skills learned faster: 20%: 2-Handed + Alchemy, 10% Block + Destruction, 5% Restoration + Lockpicking. 10% higher dam to Undead + magical Creatures. Potions are 10% stronger.

Skills learned faster: 20%: Block + Lockpicking , 10%: Archery + Sneak , 5%: Illusion + Light Armor. Evade 20% of all physical dam.

Mage Classes::

Battle Mage
Skills learned faster: 20%: Block + Destruction, 10% 2-Handed + Restoration, 5% Alteration + Enchant. Resist 30% of Destruction Magic.
Archmage Quarters

Arcane Archer
Skills learned faster: 20%: Archery + Conjuration , 10%: Restoration + Enchant , 5%: Alteration + Light Armor. Conjure Arcane Arrows
Archmage Quarters

Skills learned faster: 20%: Alteration + Restoration , 10%: Destruction + Illusion , 5%: Conjuration + Enchant. All spells cost 25% less magicka.
Archmage Quarters

Skills learned faster: 20%: Illusion + Enchanting, 10%: Alteration + Sneaking, 5%: One-Handed + Restoration. You get invisible while sneaking in dark areas.
Archmage Quarters

Stealth Classes::

Skills learned faster: 20%: Light Armor + Pickpocket , 10%: 1-Handed + Archery , 5%:Enchant + Sneak. Sneak Attacks with Bows or Daggers do double damage.
Treasure Vault – Thieves Guild

Skills learned faster: 20%: Restoration + Speech , 10%: Pickpocket + Sneak , 5%: Light Armor + Alteration. Calms People while not in combat. Barter is 30% better.
Treasure Vault – Thieves Guild

Skills learned faster: 20%: Pickpocket + Sneak , 10%: Light Armor + Lockpicking , 5%: Speech + Alchemy.
Treasure Vault – Thieves Guild

Skills learned faster: 20%: 1-Handed + Sneak , 10%: Lockpicking + Light Armor , 5%: Alchemy + Destruction. Lesser Power, that paralyzes and damages your fowes for 20 sec.
Dawnstar Sanctuary – Dark Brotherhood

Special Classes:

Shadow Assassin
Skills learned faster: 20%: Archery + 1-Handed + Sneak, 10%: Illusion. You get invisible while sneaking in dark areas.
Dawnstar Sanctuary – Dark Brotherhood

Skills learned faster: 20%: Conjuration + Illusion + Sneak, 10%: Alchemy. Call 2 Creratures at the same time. Call a Skeleton to aid you in battle
Dawnstar Sanctuary – Dark Brotherhood

Skills learned faster: 20%: Block + 1-Handed + Light Armor, 10%: Lockpicking . Evade with a chance 15% every damage (magical or physical).
Nightingale Hall

Skills learned faster: 20%: Alteration + Destruction + Restoration , 10%: 2-Handed. Charm Animals. While in the Wilds he resists 10% of magic. Nature Spells are 15% stronger.

03. Vampires:

The Idea comes from Vampire Upgrade by undomir

I combined it with other Ideas I had or other had.
- You are strongest, when well fed, and weakest, when starving.
- If you equip a Silver Weapon, you get the same malus, as if you are in the Sun.


- Fledgling = Start rank.
- Blooded = 20 days as a vampire. 10% normal weapon resistance. "Vampiric Drain" absorbs stamina in addition of health.
- Mistwalker = 60 days as a vampire. 20% normal weapon resistance. "Vampiric Drain" absorbs Magica in addition of health. Vampire Bat Ability
- Nightstalker = 120 days as a vampire. 30% normal weapon resistance. Running is 20% faster at night. You gain Vampiric Grip
- Ancient = 200 days as a vampire. 40% normal weapon resistance. Running is 20% faster night and day.
- Volkihar = 300 days as a vampire. 50% normal weapon resistance. You gain Mist Form.


- Vampiric Drain absorb 18/14/10/6 points of health. Casting sound changed. At the fist stage, you can get Vampire Lord Perks like the Vampire Lord does. This is, because I will add some Perks to the Vampire Lord Perk Tree. Those Perks will only be active for a Normal Vampire, not the Lord.
- Vampire Strength is 20/15/10/5
- Vampire's Seduction calm enemies up to level 50. (With a failrate of 20%)
Illusion < 20 till LVL 10; Illusion < 50 till LVL 20; Illusion < 70 till LVL 30;
Illusion < 90 till LVL 40; Illusion < 99 till LVL 50; Illusion > 100 till LVL 100

- Vampire's Sight last 2 Min and has Detect Live (friendly and enemy for 60 sec).
- Embrace of Shadows gives Muffle effect instead of the Night-Eye.
- Vampire's Servant duration is 2 Min. It reanimates corpses up to level 50/40/30/20.
Conjuration < 20 till LVL 10 / 15 /20 / 25
Conjuration < 50 till LVL 15 / 20 / 25 /30
Conjuration < 70 till LVL 20 / 25 / 30 / 35
Conjuration < 90 till LVL 25 / 30 / 35 / 40
Conjuration < 99 till LVL - / 35 / 40 / 45
Conjuration > 100 till LVL - /- / - / 50
- Frost resistance is 50/40/30/20%.
- Weakness to fire is increased by 25/50/75/100%.
- Weakness To Silver When you equip a Silver Weapon, you suffer the same effect, when the Sun is shining, but stronger. You loose 100 Health and you can not regenerate.

- Resist Paralysis
- Safe Fall
- Waterbreathing
- Supernatural Speed

04. Werewolves:
The Idea comes from Werewolf Upgrade by undomir


- Cub = Start rank. Human Form: + 10% Magic Res and +25% Disease Res.
- Savage = 20 days as a werewolf. Werewolf Form: Movement speed + 6% and attacks have 10% chance to deal 50% more damage. Human Form: + 15% Magic Res and +50% Disease Res.
- Brute = 60 days as a werewolf. Werewolf Form: ;Movement speed + <12>% and sprinting into targets knocks them down. Human Form: + 20% Magic Res and +75% Disease Res.
- Skinwalker = 120 days as a werewolf. Werewolf Form: Movement speed + 18% and your standing power attacks hit all targets in front of you. Human Form: + 25% Magic Res and +100% Disease Res.
- Beastmaster = 200 days as a werewolf. Movement speed + 24% and attacks ignore 50% of targets armor. Human Form: + 30% Magic Res; +100% Disease Res and 20% Poison Res.
- Vargr = 300 days as a werewolf. Werewolf Form: Movement speed + 30% and you gain immunity to iron and steel weapons. Human Form: + 35% Magic Res; +100% Disease Res and 40% Poison Res.

Critical Claws
1. Rank: In your beast form, you have a 10 % chance to deal critical damage.
2. Rank: In your beast form you now have a 15 % chance to deal 25 % more critical damage, the strength of your impact can also stagger the enemy by 15 % chance.
3. Rank: In your beast form, you have now a 20 % chance to deal 50 % more critical damage.

Beastly Strength
1. Rank: Your Beastly Blood makes you strong. Carrying capacity is increased by 50 and your Unarmed Damage is increased by 25 in both Human and Beast form.

Full Moon Rising
1. Rank: While the Moons are out you gain in Beast Form 150 Stamina and Health, in Human Form 50 Stamina and Health.

Werewolf Pelt
1. Rank: Werewolves gain 50 points of Armor while in Werewolf Form. The Pelt is 10% more vulnerable against Silver weapons.
2. Rank: Werewolves gain 100 points of Armor while in Werewolf Form. The Pelt is 20% more vulnerable against Silver weapons.

Shadow Wolf
1. Rank: Falling Damage is reduced to 10% and you vanish easier (-30) in lighter areas while sneaking. Works only in Human form with a carry weight of 50 or below.

Silver Claws
1. Rank: Werewolves damage the Undead and Magical Creatures with some of their attacks. Because of this Werewolves are hated under Vampires!

05. Undead:

Do less damage and can not kill bleeding out Undead
All normal weapons not on the list below

Do extra Damage and can kill a bleeding out undead
Silver Weapons

Do normal damage and can kill a bleeding out undead
Skyforge Steel Weapons
Dark Elven Weapons
Blades Weapons
Nightingale Weapons
Pale Blade
Bound Weapons
Ghost Weapons

06. Creatures:
Some creatures have their own weakness and Strenght
All enemies are leveling with the Character! The strong more, than the weak less.

Resist 40 % Warhammer and Mace
Weakness: 30 % to Daggers; 20 % to Swords
7% chance for 500% dagger weakness on hit
5% chance for 300% Sword weakness on hit
Resist 40 % Weapon Damage
1 % Chance to heal 250 Points of Health
When Bleeding out: Only Ghost - and Silver Weapons can kill. Also Daedric Artifacts.
resistance 40% to sword, dagger, bow and greatsword; 20% to waraxe and battleaxe
Resist 50% of all Normal Weapon Damage
Bleeding Out: Can only be killed with Warhammer or Mace
Ghosts are Invulnerable against all Weapons and Magic (beside Shock Magic).
If you drink The Potion „Ghost Curse“ you may kill them with weapons.
Resist Fire, Frost, Poison and Desease 100%
resist 60% against daggers and 30% against other one-handed weapons
Ice Wraith
Resist 40 % Normal Weapon Damage.
No Resistance, when attacked with Silver or Ghost Weapons or Daedric Artifacts.
30% resistance to sword, dagger, greatsword and bow
20% chance to ignore weapon damage
Resist Fire 30%; Frost 20%
Resist 95 % of Bow Damage; 40 % of Crossbow Damage; 90 % of Dagger Damage; 50% of Sword and Greatsword Damage
Weakness 50 % to Mace and Warhammer
Bleeding Out: Can only be killed with Silver and Ghost Weapons or Daedric Artifacts.
Resist Fire, Frost and Shock 50%; Disease and Poison 100%
30% weakness to waraxes and battleaxes
30% resistance against all other weapons
Weakness Fire 33%; Frost 15%;
Resist Shock 50%
20 % weakness to Bows, Swords and Greatswords
30 % resistance against Warhammers and Maces
Weakness Fire 25%;
Fortify Combat Healing +0,50
Resist Frost and Shock 20%
20 % weakness to Bows, Swords and Greatswords
30 % resistance against Warhammers and Maces
Weakness Fire 50%;
Fortify Combat Healing +0,50
Resist Frost and Disease 50%
Vampires resist 70% of all Normal Weapon Damage
Bleeding Out: Can only be killed with Fire Magic or a Wooden Stake
Resist Frost 50%
Weakness Fire 50%
resist 70% of all Normal Weapon Damage
Bleeding Out: Can only be killed with Silver Weapons, Fire Magic and Healing Magic
Falling Damage reduced to 7 %

07. Settings

- Dead Bodys have collision
- Lower Death Force (no one will be flung away after a small killing blow)
- Leveled Actors spawn alway in a higher Level than you are.
- Your follower will move faster away, when you want through.
- Cells respawn every 168 Hours, not every 240 Hours like vanilla.
- NPCs talk only to you if you are very near them. I hated all the things everyone said to me.
- Some NPCs will flee, if you lower their health to 30%
- Your foes have a higher radius in which they persue you.

08. Other Changes

- Night Eye does not look like you are drunk anymore. It just makes your sight brighter
- Every NPC is protected. SO only you can kill them. (I had to do this, because the Foes where to strong and killed to many NPCs
- Some Follower are protected (Companions, and others).

With making all the foes lvl with you, makes many things sensless. I change those things, so they matter again.

1. Illusion Spells: They work now completely different.
Every Illusion Spell starts with level 90 of the creatures and NPCs they work on with a chance of 20% (Fury;Frenzy; Mayham) or 25%(Calm; Pacify; Harmony; Fear; Hysteria;)
The Illusion Mastery Perks make the odds and the level higher.
No Perk: 20/25% Level 20
Novice: 25/30% Level 22
Apprentice: 30/35% Level 24
Adept: 35/40% Level 26
Expert: 40/45% Level 28
Master: 60/70 Level 30

Animagus: + Level 25
Kindred Mage: + Level 25

Hypnotic Gaze: + Level 25
Aspect Of Terror: + Level 25
Rage: + Level 25
Master of Mind: + Level 20
Master of The Undead: + Level 25

At the end you will have against...
Animals: 20 (Spell) + 25 (Animagus) + 25 (Extra Perk) + 20 (Master Of The Mind) + 10 (Mastery Perks) = 100
People: 20 (Spell) + 25 (Kindred Mage) + 25 (Extra Perk) + 20 (Master Of The Mind) + 10 (Mastery Perks) = 100
Undead: 20 (Spell) + 25 (Master Of The Undead) + 25 (Extra Perk) + 20 (Master Of The Mind) + 10 (Mastery Perks) = 100

Summond Creatures
They level with you. Familiar 1 x your level; Atronach 0,8 x your level; Atronach Potent 0,9 x your level; Thrall 0,9 x your level; Thrall Potent 1x your level.

[b]09. Installation

1.Extract file
2.Copy content of the file in your Skyrim\Data
3.Open the Skyrim launcher / Nexus Mod Manager and check the 04PapaTimm-Enemies&Races.esp


1. Delete 02PapaTimm-Enemies&Races.bsa
2. Delete 02PapaTimm-Enemies&Races.esp

10. Compatibility

This Module is in short not compatible with all, that changes
Races and RaceSpells, Vampires (VampireRaces,VampireSpells, VampirePerks), Werewolves (BeastRace,Howls, Spells)

Without Script it is easy to implement the changes to Races. So I used this module and changed Vampires and Werewlves, how I wanted it to be. If you want to use other Vampire or Werewolf Mods, you may use the optional
PapaTimm-Enemies.esp Module

Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn will be required!
* If the game ctds at the beginning, than you have to buy all the DLC
* If you are playing this game for not so long you bought the Legendary Edition and have all the DLC already.
* If you are playing this game for a long time, it deserves you buy all the DLCs.

Make your Mod Compatible:

In the game there are so many Keywords programed but not used. I used some of them.
Add those Keywords to your Weapon, Spell or Recipe to make your mod compatible.

Throwing Weapons / One Handed Crossbows Keyword: MothNest2
Skyforge Steel / Blades Weapons Keyword: MagicRestedMagicka

Nature Spell Keyword: MagicRestedStamina
Silver Enchant for TN and 1HCross Keyword: LinkDefNight
Silver Enchant Weapons Keyword: LinkLair

11. Credits

Werewolf Beast Run Animation by Kieranh7

Every single Mod from WarriorWithin83
Vampire Upgrade by undomir
Werewolf Upgrade by undomir

12. Recommended

Many many other cool and essential mods.