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  1. Ranaline
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    Reserved for those bolded red warning posts just in case. Please tell me I didn't mess up something again.

    Please be as specific as you can if you're reporting an issue, that way I (or everyone else) will have a better chance of helping you solve the problem.

    Additionally, there have been recent reports of
    1) invisible/disappearing children (4-5 reports)
    2) CTDs in race menu when trying to select a child race (2 reports) for those using the Playable.esp.

    At this time I don't have a solution. I'll update this post and the mod description if there happens to be any.

    Create your own faces & patches for other mods
    Change a child's current hairstyle

    July 3, 2017: Added a patch for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.
    June 23, 2017: If you're experiencing neckseams/unclothed children issues, please check the Downloads page and download the update (RSChildren Update - 170623).

    In the meantime, here's my to-do list. If you'd like to see something patched, please post a comment over on that post instead!

    I'll be replying to comments that are around 1 month old at most, as I believe older ones may no longer need their questions answered! If you are still having issues with the new version, please let me know.

    The updated version is still compatible with the other face patches for children from mods like Falskaar. PNP should still be compatible as well, though you may not see Aeta in her Skaal coat.
    1. LadyMilla
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      Please DO NOT reply to stickied posts. Create a new comment instead. Thank you.
  2. tfrostcube
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    why do these children have lukemia
  3. KotyaVII
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    Hello. I have problems with english language, and I apologize for this.

    I can intall this mod, but I have a problem with this: between neck and shoulders missing texture. I try to install "RSChildren Update - 170623"(choose: with to al)l but then I cant choose child-race.

    What can I doing with this problem?

    Also I have problem with UNSLEEP PATCH (game dont start) and with sliders (sliders missing in the chatacter editor).

    Sreenshots: without UPDATE and with UPDATE
  4. sheitandark
    • member
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    i need help "RSkyrimChildren.esm" needs "RSchildren USKP Patch" i don't know where to find the said patch.
    im using mod organizer and LOOT
    1. IamAAMBoC
      • member
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      Hey, try using this. It fixes the problem for me.

      RS Children Overhaul USLEEP Patch
      "Replacer esp for RS Children Overhaul to solve conflicts with missing records from the Unofficial Skyirm Legendary Edition Patch."
  5. maliceavarice
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    The children in my game have "grown up" faces.... anyone know what would the problem be?
    1. Ryujin550
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      reinstall the mod and put it in correct order.
      I too had that problem and this helped me.
  6. Raistlin1009
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    Help me please. I'm using mod organizer and I downloaded and installed this mod correctly. The esm plugin is at the top of my load order and the esp is near the bottom. But I am still getting almost bald children with potato heads and missing hair textures.
    1. emperorbeefcheese
      • member
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      im getting the same problem, ive been looking all over for the solution but i cant find it anywhere. theres the old post from like 2014 for how to fix it but the override file it has a link to for downloading instead links me back to the nexusmods page
  7. Siehawk
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    I dled this through Nexus mod manager but after the original dl no files are activated in the nexus mod manager for me to activate this mod I had this b4 but I reset my stuff after issues and now it wont go into nexus mod manager for some reason i have no idea whats going on or how to fix it
    [email protected]
    • supporter
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    After installing I wanted to play as a child, so I tried, except I looked in my plugins and the playable children esp wasn't in there
  9. asherater223
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    Does anyone know how to make it so the playable child races actually have voices for their shouts?
  10. togger95
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    I'm not sure if this has been asked, but when I use this mod it changes the children, but they all show up in their underwear? I'm only using this, immersive children, and Prince and the Pauper...
    1. dragonosis
      • member
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      I think that's to do with the game trying to give them clothes that don't exist/that it can't find. Try disabling and enabling them via the console.
  11. Zeyoll
    • member
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    I think found the solution for the playable children plus.esp. when you open the Skyrim launcher, click on Data files, then scroll until you find the RSchildren.esp, RSskyrimchildren.esm, RSchildren playable.esp and the playable children plus.esp files. (now you will notice two arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down, these arrows basically allow you to move files up and down in the load order) You will need to move the playable children plus.esp and the RSchildren playable.esp directly underneath RSchildren.esp, RSskyrimchildren.esm. the playable children plus.esp needs to be above the RSchildren playable.esp for this to work (at least for me)

    Note: I downloaded this mod on manual and that I have never used the mod manager as for me it never works and also the RSchildren playable.esp file is found in the patches file and then in playable.