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About this mod

This mod allows you change multipliers of damages for each type of game difficulty.

SKSE/SkyUI version.

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Modding for standard Skyrim is no longer supported. The Skyrim SE version of this mod can be found here.


This mod allows you change multipliers of damages for each type of game difficulty. For instance, at the "Legendary" level you will produce a hit with a damage x0.25, while NPCs will hit you with x3 multiplier. Using this mod you are able to fix that.


  • Powered by SkyUI (MCM only)
  • No plans to add new features



Just overwrite files and play.


You may know others mods with same functionality and I know them too.

My goals were:

  • Give an ability to change multipliers inside the game without changing order of ".esp" files or choose exactly one type difficulty as author said.
  • Do not add any other things to balance the game. Standalone mod to do one thing :)

If you are looking for mod to change multipliers depending on weapon's type or material, or even magick spell type, checkout Weapon Damage UI


The mod is forked version of Customizable Difficulty by Leonord.
Sorry man, I can't wait when you release new version. So, I had to rewrite all things.

SKSE-free version Custom Difficulty by Phitt:

I've playing with this one all the time, but sometimes I want to change
multipliers inside the game and I could not do this.

Thank you very much, guys!


For NMM, MO users:

  • Download, install and activate mod as any other.
  • Follow instructions below from p.3

For all:
  • Unpack the contents of the archive to your "Skyrim/Data" folder.
  • Check cdUI.esp file in the mod manager.
  • Run Skyrim via SKSE.
  • Enter to Mod Settings and exit: Esc -> MOD SETTINGS -> TAB -> TAB
  • Wait 5-10 seconds until you receive message "Custom Difficulty UI disabled".
  • Enter to Mod Settings and customize it on your taste.


  • In Mod Settings disable mod.
  • Save the game.
  • Disactivate mod in mod manager.
  • Delete files from "Skyrim/Data" folder (for non-NMM/MO users).