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Screenshot Hotkeys gives you a quick and easy way to utilize many screenshot-related functions with the tap of a single key, enabling you to create better quality screenshots quickly and easily.

Permissions and credits


SKSE 1.6.16+
SkyUI 4.1+ 
PapyrusUtil 2.6+ (an SKSE plugin) - without PapyrusUtil you cannot use any of the free cam functions


Screenshot Hotkeys (A.K.A. SHOT) is a mod designed to make taking good quality screenshots easier and faster. Through an MCM, courtesy of SkyUI, it allows you to assign hotkeys to many useful functions, pick and choose which functions you want, and configure these functions. Once you’re done setting everything up (which only takes a minute or two), you can prepare and take a beautiful screenshot in no time.


A full list of Screenshot Hotkeys features:

- FISS support (saving/loading MCM settings)
- Ability to change key of any hotkey
- Ability to toggle any feature
- Change weather feature w/ customizable weather choices and 3 weather "slots"
- Set time feature w/ customizable time
- Jump Hours feature w/ customizable hours to jump
- Free cam feature w/ customizable speed of cam
- Freeze free cam feature w/ customizable speed of cam
- Toggle HUD feature
- Slow time feature w/ customizable amount of slowing
- Reset all to defaults feature
- Toggle off all hotkeys feature
- Toggle on all hotkeys feature

Some pictures taken using Screenshot Hotkeys.

Taken using free cam (with freeze), set time, set weather, and toggle HUD.

Taken using free cam (with freeze), toggle HUD, and set weather.

Taken using free cam (with freeze), and toggle HUD.


Mod Manager Installation

1. Download Screenshot Hotkeys with your manager.
2. Double click Screenshot Hotkeys in your manager.
3. Play and enjoy.

Manual Installation

1. Download Screenshot Hotkeys manually.
2. Extract the .zip archive to your Skyrim/Data folder.
3. Check the box next to SHOT.esp under Data Files in the Skyrim Launcher.
4. Play!


Mod Manager Uninstallation

1. Double click Screenshot Hotkeys in your mod manager.
2. Play without the joy of SHOT.

Manual Uninstallation

1. Delete all the files associated with SHOT:
- SHOT.esp (under Skyrim/Data)
- SHOTControlScript.pex (under Skyrim/Data/Scripts)
- SHOTControlScript.psc (under Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source)
- SHOTReadMe.txt (under Skyrim/Data - optional to delete)
2. Play without the beauty of Screenshot Hotkeys...


Q: The free cam sends me out in space... [And other free cam issues]
Sadly, I don’t think this is an issue I can resolve. When using the free cam console command in vanilla Skyrim, I’ve encountered the same issue, so I think it’s something to do with the game itself and not an issue I can fix. But, I will look into it.

Future Plans

Now that version 4.1 is out, I've achieved most of the goals I started out with for this mod. Still, I intend to add more features. For now, this is a list of my priorities:

- Add TCL command
- Look into a zoom function.
- Take suggestions from you guys
- Stamp out any bugs I find, if possible
- Work on my WIP mod

My Other Mods


Thanks to IsharaMeradin for help with figuring out some scripting.
Thanks to Mofakin for the Hotkey Mod, which inspired me to make this mod.
Thanks to meh123 for making PapyrusUtil.